Roll Call: Connecticut

Welcome! I currently live in Stamford and really would recommend Longshore in Westport. It’s a bit further than all of the courses you mentioned (which are all fun to play), but it’s by far my favorite.

I volunteer for the men’s golf association so I am a biiiiit biased. Anyhow, welcome to the area!

Feel free to DM me or reach out to play at any of those courses you mentioned.

Golf pro living in Stamford until the end of October. If anyone wants to get a Monday round it, give me a shout. Only day I get off during the week


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cool I will def check out Longshore! Thanks for the recco. As for the mens golf association – I would be down to join but I am a girl lmao. Will certainly reach out to play sometime this summer though!

Reappearing back on the refuge after a minor hiatus.

Now a member at Torrington CC in Goshen. Always willing to host anyone that finds their way into the sticks of NW CT.

Just did our yearly casino Ryder cup trip to Shenny, Lake of Isle and Mohegan Sun Golf Club which is now in the rota due to Fox Hopyard going full private (F in the chat).

Shennecosset still remains a true muni god. I played absolutely terrible. Maybe the worst round of golf I’ve played in years. Shot 103 with no lost balls… Not good.

Lake of Isles we got rained off of after 9 and I had shot 41 on the front in a soaking rain… Go figure. Think we’ll be planning a day down there for the rain check they gave us near the end of the summer.

Mohegan Sun Golf Club is a joke. They charged $110 for a mid day round on a Tuesday and the course was in gross condition. They had bunker liners on the first two holes… Okay whatever. The starter warned us there were ‘a few’ bunkers were under construction and you got a free drop if you went in… Okay. But a few was probably 30+ and most of them were greenside and the only ones with liners were the bunkers you could see from the first tee. All the other ones were gravel where they had let the heat weeds grow in… Whatever your course is under construction and it was the middle of June but you can’t charge full price for that and call yourself a resort course. Also the general layout of the course was terrible. Maybe the worst value round of golf I’ve ever experienced. Do not recommend.

Trying to get out to Keney before the end of the summer.

We also run our yearly 2 man scramble tournament at Rockledge in October. We moved there last year and they did a phenomenal job accommodating a decent sized group on a Saturday afternoon and got us a big private room in the restaurant after. Awesome service and the course isn’t bad all things considered.

Fox going full private was a big kick in the balls. For my money the best two finishing holes on a course in CT. Will miss playing there.

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That is totally my bad! Two of my coworkers play in the Stamford Women’s Golf Association events - they’d be more than happy to add to the crew.

Wow a Refugee joins TCC the year I give up my membership

Ha. I think you DM’d me a couple years ago asking about the course.

Why’s you give up your membership?

Had a two-year promo rate that expired and decided I was going to go back to public golf for a bit. Its 30 mins or so from me so wasnt getting out there as much as I wanted. May go back at some point although I have a lot of scar tissue built up between 10 tee and 12 green even in that short time.

Haha yeah. I feel you. My least favorite stretch of holes. If I can get through there in one over I’m feeling good about myself. I still can’t figure out the right club to hit off 10 tee after dozens and dozens of rounds there. You could literally hit anything from 9 iron to driver pending on the wind and how aggressive you want to be.

Anytime you’re looking to get up there I’m happy to host a guest.

Welcome! Oak Hills is easily the best municipal in Fairfield County. Tough, but always in incredible conditions. Greens easily as good as any private course. Sterling gets beat to shit and isn’t that great. Brennan I enjoy for a beer and cart round. If you hit it straight off the tee, very easy. If you don’t, it’s stupid. Some truly terrible holes.

Mohegan Sun CC has been ruined, and it doesn’t really matter if they are working on the bunkers as they’ve already destroyed the place. It used to be Pautipaug CC, and was a really fun layout that was always in excellent shape and really fast, true, greens. I do like what they did with the tree removal, it really opened the place up, but they also changed a lot of golf holes just for the sake of changing them and IMO they ruined them all. They destroyed 6-8 completely, the new holes have potential but the new greens are too small for the shapes and mounding they’ve used. They wrecked 10-12 as well. Can’t believe they are asking $110 on a Tuesday afternoon…even if it was in good shape it’s still not worth it

Edited to add @BigBackstopping, that was supposed to be a reply to your post

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This is a very, very spicy take on Oak Hills.

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It’s not a wrong take though. The greens run better than almost any course you’ll play. Hell, the chipping green is better than most golf courses.

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Best greens =/= best course, in my opinion. I prefer the Sterling routing. The front of OHGC is a bit wonky for my liking.

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Oh for sure, best greens does not equal best course. Sterling routing is good, but I really like the quirkiness of Oak Hills. You have to be able to hit a lot of different shots and hit almost all of your clubs. It’s like 3 courses with 1-7, 8-13, 14-18. I can see how that may not be appealing, but I think it’s really great.

Sterling conditioning has never been great tee to green for me. Conditions aside, I’ve also never had a sub 5 hour round at Sterling apart from when I went out at 7am on a weekday.

You don’t wake up at 5am when the Sterling tee times are released?!?!

Both courses have their merits, but I think the one thing we can agree on is that one should stay away from Brennan. :joy:

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:laughing: Because I prefer Oak Hills over Sterling, I end up playing Brennan more with my buddy who lives in Stamford and rarely breaks 100. It’s perfect a few times a summer when we’ll get a cart, load up on beers, and have a time of it. If my driver behaves I can go low too so that’s a bonus.

But yes, I wouldn’t recommend it as one to check out. Hot take though, Brennan green conditions are better than Sterling Farms :man_shrugging:

Playing Oxford Greens Wednesday. Now that’s an overrated course. Perfect play it once a year track.

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Headed to Newport tomorrow for the Folk Festival. I booked a 4pm tee time for Newport National tomorrow (Weds). If anyone wants to join, would be great to meet more of the Nest up there. Would also be willing to pivot to 7:10am on Thursday if that would work better for anyone (they won’t let a single book a tee time unless they can pair you with someone before 9am, which is annoying). But I’d be down to play with someone if you’re going to be in the area and are interested. Let me know!

In case anyones interested, we’re holding the second annual “Shepherds Open” at Keney Park on the 13th! Signups are on our website!