Roll Call: Colorado -- @PJM v Colorado Golfers, @PJM only half guilty

Can confirm, Commonground certainly lived up to the hype. Incredible weather and everyone at the place seemed to be in a great mood. Played from the tips and was absolutely dead by the end though.


Coming up for the School of Ross event and spending a full week up there. Noticed I’ll be in town for games 3, 4, and 5 of the NBA Finals. Where are the best spots for watch parties? I’m down to be a fake Nuggets fan and cheer against whoever comes out of the East. I’m staying with my uncle in the Cherry Creek area so I would prefer something close-ish to there. I watched a Rockies playoff game at Blake Street Tavern a few years ago and had a blast, but it looks like that’s now closed.

Cherry Cricket


Chopper’s. The place is named after the late trainer of the Nuggets. So there are some bona fides for you to express your fake fandom. Seriously, though, it’s very welcoming and a neighborhood institution. Like the Cherry Cricket in that regard. Cherry Cricket is in Cherry Creek and Chopper’s is Cherry Creek adjacent.

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Damn afternoon thunderstorms Colorado. I have a tee time.

Something something 2 iron.

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Got a nice back massage from all the hail this afternoon

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