Roll Call: Colorado -- @PJM v Colorado Golfers, @PJM only half guilty

Who else is out here? Wife and I moved out to Centennial area in June. I’m in school right now about to finish up. Would love to start hitting the links again.

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I’m out in Centennial as well. Where did you come from? I’ve really been getting the itch to play as well.

Where are all the Colorado golfers? I’m up in Longmont, so a bit north of you 2.

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Hmm, slow thread. I’m in Golden. I know we had a couple of other CO golfers comment in the worst golf holes thread…

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Nice. I’m playing Fossil Trace on Friday with some guys. Haven’t played that course in years.

I’m up in Boulder. Been out here about 1.5 years. If anyone is up for a round, let me know.

Down in Littleton. Play Lone Tree and Fox Hollow a lot. I have a newborn at home so not sure what my playing schedule will be this summer, but I’m hoping for at least once a week!

Hi Colorado. I’ve been here for 12 years and I’m yet to find a good golf group. I’m in Aurora, by Cherry Creek Park and I’m thinking about signing up to play in the Men’s League at Meadow Hills this summer. But - I’m always down to play when I can get the chance (the wife and 3 yr. old at home limit some of my free time). It would be great to connect with some fellow golf nuts here though.

Does anyone play in leagues around town they like - or has anyone played in the Meadow Hills League?

Right now, I’ve got the blues with all the snow. Went to home depot and made a putting mat this past weekend.

I’ve heard good things about the Meadow Hills Men’s league. I play CommonGround Men’s Club. This is a copy paste from another forum about our league. I like the course more than Meadow hills. As far as time commitment, they rotate the times between the high, low and mid cap flights so you could be going off at 6:30 at one event, and 12:30 at the next. The rounds take 4:30, and I’ve played a bit faster at times, but usually plan on 4:30, that is the pace of play maker. They have time stamps at 9 and 17 that you have to punch your card and if you are not on time or too far behind the group in front they will assess a penalty. There are usually about 5-6 flights if I remember correctly. Usually the 10+ guys play from the white tees, 10- gold, and they have a gross flight that plays from the back. The regular events are every other Saturday. They have a season long match play individual and team, where you schedule your time against your opponent on whatever day/time works best for you, just has to be completed by a certain date. The member guest is a lot of fun, but a little pricey, but it is two days of golf, Saturday/Sunday, then a horserace Friday night and lunch both days I think. We also got a lot of swag including a couple of boxes of ProV’s. They play interclub matches that are pretty easy to get into, and pretty fun as well. They also have a heaven and hell event, where 9 holes are super easy, 9 incredibly difficult, a red tee challenge and a Ryder Cup event. I believe, once you are a member, you are a CGA member as well, which allows for early booking of tee time, and slightly better rates. One thing I don’t like is that you can’t book as a single online, you have to call the proshop. Just kind of a pain as I play mostly as a single. I do like taking a caddy every once in a while. The thing you have to keep in mind about their caddies, is that is a “caddy academy”, they are teaching kids to caddy to feed into the big private clubs, so they expect you to help the caddies learn etiquette and what to do, but technically they are free, you only need to throw them a tip. Hope this helps. Let me know if you’ve got any other questions.


This snow is killing me and I have the itch so bad - maybe we can get something rolling.
I live in downtown and don’t mind driving to play - I’m planning on planting a flag at CommonGround for at least this season and I’m going to join the mens club as well. The last three years though, I’ve bounced around trying to find the best public golf eastern Colorado offers but mostly in the Denver area.

I live downtown too and was planning on doing the CommonGround membership this year as well. Not sure if you have heard about it, but there is this cool indoor place on Broadway about 10 minutes from downtown ( It is a nice place to go play when courses are closed. Would like to get something going this season too with some people from The Refuge.

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I actually peeked at SBCC last week but ended up at Denver Beer Co and calling it an early night instead haha. We should talk about your last sentence - I have some ideas on ways to get a group involved outside of any of the established mens clubs in town.

There’s a cheaper simulator near Park Hill: Highly recommend that place if you live anywhere nearby. They got kicked out of the Park Hill course facility at the end of 2018 and had to scramble to make it work. They have 5 sims and a pretty large chipping and putting green. Doesn’t have a bar like that place, but it’s more golf centric.

We should think about putting together an NLU outing at CommonGround when the weather lets up in the spring.


Good call on the sim I think the south broadway CC idea is a really good one too so it’s nice to see more sims in town. I’m going to be busy working on what I really need to practice on with my putting mat that just arrived today.

I drive by that place all the time and I’ve never gone in. If weather doesn’t improve soon, I might have to make a trip, rather than continue to go to Golf Galaxy / PGATSS and prentent like I’m buying new clubs just to swing.

Also down to create some sort of “regular” refuge group this summer. I’m down in Littleton (Broadway & Mineral), so I’m open to playing almost anywhere south of 70 in the Denver metro area. I normally play at Lone Tree, Highlands Range, South Suburban, and Fox Hollow

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I’d be up for playing as well when the weather finally breaks around here. I don’t know how many of you guys are from here or how long you’ve been here, but if you’re getting the itch to play you’ve got a couple of options. If you check the weather in Canon City it is ususally warmer than up here and Four Mile Ranch can have some good deals. Also, making a quick weekend trip to Grand Junction or Fruita in early spring isn’t a bad deal either. Along the lines of sim golf, there is the Sports Stable off of the Boulder Turnpike for those that live up north. They say the sims are accurate, and distance wise it seems like they are, but I couldn’t get it to curve the ball hardly at all, even super hold off trying to slice or trying to snap hook, just wouldn’t do it for me.

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It speaks to how bad the winter has been for golf that I was sort of considering doing this, haha. I broke a 4 year streak of playing at least 9 holes in every month this January. This weather pattern is driving me up the wall.

If you live on the west side of town, there are two sims that I know about: Pure Golf and Striker Golf. I don’t really recommend either, though. Pure Golf’s simulator isn’t up to par with a Trackman, Foresight, or Flightscope system. I don’t remember exactly what he has, but it’s not nearly as accurate, and frankly, not worth the price he’s charging. Striker Golf looks like it now requires a membership to use their sims. Their sims used to be pretty expensive when they were offered to the general public. I only used it through a groupon, haha.

There is also D’Lance down in the tech center and he has Trackman. You can get monthly passes and have 24 hour access to his facility.

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Have you ever been fitted at D’Lance? I’ve heard mixed things about them, so I’m curious.

I have not. I go to Dan Weitzel. He works out of his house in Highlands Ranch, but has GC2, and does full fitting, and doesn’t really charge for it as long as you buy from him.

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