Roll Call: Colorado -- @PJM v Colorado Golfers, @PJM only half guilty

I love Lakewood. Mandatory Jäger shots at the snack shack. Very fun membership.

Closer. But still low.

I have an announcement to make:

I’m issuing a fatwa on holes 14-17 at Murphy Creek. Might just stop playing after 13 if I play there again. 14 is really dumb, but least you can play iron-wedge and be fine. 15 is meh but ultimately inoffensive. 16 is a fucking terrible hole that rivals some of Dick Phelps’ abominations around town. 17 would be fine if it were 30-50 yards shorter, but instead you’re hitting long iron with no room for error.

Also, the houses on both sides of 18 are not good.

The front 9 is fucking sick though.

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What are the best private club options near Louisville/Boulder? Seems like most of the golf is south of Denver?

BCC is your best bet in Boulder if you’re looking for more than just golf (e.g. pool, tennis, fitness, etc).

I’d be looking for the best place to work on my game. Trying to get back into competitive golf, so good practice facilities are a must.

BCC looks awesome! Any notes on it as a club? Vibe, ease of getting teetimes, young people?

Unfortunately you are right that there is a lack of good private clubs north of Denver. BCC has been listed as having a wait list for years in the avid golfer annual private club guide. Still worth checking since their data isn’t always up to date, but I’d say it’s very likely you’ll have a multi year wait to get in. TPC Colorado in Berthoud has the best practice facilities north of Denver and is still accepting new members. That’s likely too far for you though. Other private options in the area are the Fox Hill club in Longmont and Lake Valley in Niwot. It’s semi private but the Omni Interlocken in Broomfield has very good practice facilities, plus they charge the public so much it isn’t that busy so the members get a pretty good deal.

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Thank you!

Caveat: I’m a member at BCC.

Overall vibe of the club is solid. Decent number of low handicappers, but not really a true players club. Majority of the people who play regularly are in the 5-18 handicap range and largely just out there to play golf with their crew. Tee times are usually not too challenging to get, but if you hop on ForeTees on Friday night looking for a foursome on Saturday morning, you’re likely SOL. Good news is when the Buffs or Broncos are playing, you can pretty much have the course to yourself. The course itself is “good.” Always in good condition and the greens are fantastic, but there are some holes that could use some re-thinking to make them ore architecturally interesting.

Practice facilities are not bad. The range is a good size and they have a strip of nice mats along the back that you can use during the winter months. They built a new dedicated short game area by the par 3 course a while back that’s really nice. The par 3 course is well maintained and has a variety of holes ranging from 85 yards to 175 yards. Usually not crowded and good for bringing along beginners or juniors. Only thing they’re missing (and it’s been flagged to the board many times) is some sort of real indoor hitting space to use during the winter.

The full golf membership definitely skews on the older side. I’m 37 and one of the younger full golf members that’s not a legacy. Most are in the 50-65 range, but I’ve never felt like I can’t get a game with those guys. My four ball partner is in his late 40s and you’d never know we weren’t a similar age other than pop culture references. Good news is that because they have swim and tennis, there are a shit ton of young families who belong to that portion of the club so if you have a family, it’s great for socializing.

The waitlist is currently really long and they’re operating on a two out, one in policy until they get back to their target number. Good news is that you can join as a par 3 member pretty quickly and you get a certain number of rounds on the big course (just can’t play in events).

hit me up if you have other questions.


Greetings, gents! New Refuge member, been in CO for about 3 years now. I’m up in the Lakewood area, always down for a game. Excited to meet some of you!


17 is brutal. I feel like the wind is always into you there too. I hit a driver into a 3 club wind there a couple of weeks ago, smh.

I’ve hit 3 woods the last 2 times I’ve played 17 there. The gap between the bunker and water there is about 35 yards, which is pretty brutal ask with no bail out area and the wind there. If it were shorter, the hole would be totally a fine. A mid to long iron there is fine.

16 is the same. It’s long enough that you need to hit a 3 wood at minimum, but you have something like 30-40 yards of landing area between OB and the water. And then the green is huge, but long and left are dead, and right is pretty bad. In addition to that, you can’t run a ball up to the green because of a bunker 30 yards in front of the green. It’s a really bad hole that belongs in Florida.

Anybody looking for some cheap/free game improvement irons for a kid/friend/family member? Im parting ways with my 2015 callaway x series (5-gap) irons and looking for a good home for them


Anyone have any experience with courses in the Granby area? I’m between Pole Creek and Grand Elk Lodge and both places have tee times available the day I’m planning to play.

Pole creek is good, nothing special, but fun mountain golf. If you’re going to play make sure you don’t miss the ridge 9.

Home to the worst hole in Colorado though, I think on the meadows:


Just a heads up for all of you commonground lovers. The latest episode of the Fried Egg has a conversation about some of the holes on the back half of the episode “yolk with Doak 34”.


Does Tom address #12 being home to the worst tee box in the state of Colorado?


Why would he talk about Inverness?

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#10 at Eagle Trace would like a word.


I was about to say Inverness would like a word

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