Roll Call: British Columbia

There’s more info here:

@TBagg is the captain so I keep tagging him hoping he’ll give some info :sweat_smile:

We have a WhatsApp and Discord chat (I’m hoping again Ted can let you know how to join)

We have an event coming up at Northview Canal course April 23rd - I think there will be signup info posted on the Refuge soon.

Mostly it’s a cool crew that will set up tee times adhoc with events going on pretty much once per month. Ideally, get connected through the WhatsApp/Discord or come out for an event and go from there!


I usually wait until I’m tagged 3 times (@Sarah) but I’ll respond sooner this time. :slight_smile:

I’ve added you (@WestcoastWalk) to the Mayhem GC roost. Here is the link to the Mayhem Roost forum - have a look through and shoot me any questions you might have. As Sarah mentioned we have a Discord server where people share tee times and you are signing up at the right time of year to start seeing all our local meetups & events popping. Look forward to seeing you out there.

New here too.

How does all this talk about discord and roost work?

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@TBagg don’t make me tag you 3 times!!!

Ted is our captain - he should be able to provide some info including the link to the discord

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Welcome to the party @3puttking ! Essentially we are a local club of NLU supporters as well as general golf sickos and lovers of the game. Here is a link to NLU’s description of Roosts.

Mayhem GC is the Vancouver/BC chapter roost. We have our own forum here on the refuge which outlines all our goings-on (from meetups, leagues, tournaments, etc…). I have added you to the Mayhem GC Roost so you should be able to access our forum which has a bunch of information. I will also DM you a link to our Discord server. Any questions - feel free to message me.

Sarah I think you are vibing for a seat on the small council!!

Director of Community Engagement.


Secretary of Stoke


VP of Vibes


Hey All - Okanagan guy…tagged back into the Nest after a long hiatus.

Would appreciate connecting with the Mayhem Roost to connect with people when I’m playing on the coast or if people come up way.

Member at The Rise in Vernon.


Welcome back! If you are ever on the Island, give me a ring. I am a member at Nanaimo Golf Club.

Hey all. Returning after being absent a few years! Have since moved to Vancouver (previously in Kelowna) and looking for people to play with. I got into the Players Club at Morgan Creek but will play anywhere I can get a tee time.

Also return to Kelowna quite often and play at Gallagher’s. Looking forward to being more active here with you all.


Welcome back! Are you interested in seeing what our local Refuge Roost (Mayhem GC) is up to? I can add you to our Roost so you can have a look through all our goings on and see if any appeal to you.


Sounds great, please do add me when you have a moment!

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Hey @CaptainCanada i’m out in South surrey and just let my Players club at Morgan end but happy to meet up.

I’m heading to kelowna at the end of april 28-30th, playing black mountain, tower ranch, then gallaghers fri to sun. We’re out as a threesome for the 5 planned rounds. Very excited, if you’re around and looking to play shoot me a message, I’d imagine you can jump into those single spots fairly easily.

Sounds like a great trip especially since you’re playing my home course 3 times! haha. I might be there around then and would love to join. I’ve put a reminder in my calendar. Thanks for the invite!

For sure, always happy to play with internet rando golf sickos. 100% of the time it’s worked out with refuge folk. Local knowledge would be fun for sunday gallaghers. Hoping to finish the weekend with some fun skins action on the short course, after playing the big fella in the morning.

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The FcF would love to have y’all come down to Detroit for some golf in May!

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