Roll Call: British Columbia

I know we have a Roll Call for Canadians and a Roll Call for the PNW, but since Canada is large and the PNW includes Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alberta, I figured it would be good to get a British Columbia specific thread going. I was down at the Washington meetup this weekend and would love to get some BC/Lower Mainland-area rounds going.

I’m Vancouver based, usually place the UBC course or one of the three Vancouver munis. I’m definitely looking to get out more in the Fraser Valley this year. I’ve never played in the Okanagan but would love to at some point.


Also in Van and also definitely in for some Refugee rounds. I’ve only played UBC, McCleery, and Fraserview, and am for sure interested in seeing some more courses in the lower mainland

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In Victoria, play mostly at Cordova Bay.

Looking forward to playing some Lower Mainland golf at some point this year with fellow Refugees.


In Abbotsford.

Definitely interested in a meet-up or two.

I play mainly at Royalwood in Chilliwack (cheap twilight, always empty, easy to play 24 holes after 5pm in the summer) but will play anywhere.

I think my favourite course I’ve played in the lower mainland is Kings Links - lots of fun.

I’m in Langley. I play most of my golf at Morgan Creek or Northview, but I love so many of our courses. Lately been venturing to Redwoods, Ledgeview, and Fraserview a little bit too.

My favorite is to head out to Sandpiper for a day. Perfection out there.

I’ve got 2 little ones and we’re operating on 1 income these days so I’m pretty much just a Saturday morning dew sweeper.

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+1 on Sandpiper.

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I’m based out of Tsawwassen and work in Richmond. Bald Eagle GC in Point Roberts and Kings Links are my favourites in my hood. Tsawwassen Springs GC is also great for a quick 3.5 hour round. I’d be up to travelling east to the Valley or west to Vancouver Island too.

Morgan Creek is one I really want to get out to play


Kings Links is also one I really want to get out to play!

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I love it there. Private Course conditions for most of the year and their Players Club offers some decent value if you play there often.

It’s awesome out there.

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PacNorthWest vibes allllllll day

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Thinking about sneaking out to Kings Links around 3pm today. Anyone else interested in joining me? Lots of opportunity to work on that stinger shot!

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I’m game

Played Peace Portal with a buddy for a quick 18 yesterday in the wind. Oh man that was SO FUN.

Hoping to take advantage of some work-mandated time off this Sunday-Wednesday and play some golf in/around Van. If anyone else is looking for a game let me know and we’ll set something up!

My friend and neighbour put this course together yesterday in the vacant lot next to our condo in Tsawwassen. Soon to be 6 holes reversible course for a total of 12 holes. Initial named Quarantine Dunes but now named The Hoop Loop after my buddy’s last name Hooper.


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Hey everyone; been watching NLU on YouTube and listening to Podcast for a little over a year now.
I am a member at Nanaimo Golf Club…with some social-isolation time on my hands, going to finally dive into the Refuge.


Checking in from Abbotsford, play alot of twilight rounds at Redwoods, Pagoda and Ledgeview mostly. Sandpiper in the shoulder season is the best bang for buck out there +1
Always up to meet new golfers around this area :slight_smile:


Played ledgview Friday- course was in great condition! Will be checking out Sandpiper and Pagoda this summer for sure