Roll Call: Bloomington/Normal

Some great stuff on there! Rivian tour is very enticing if I could round up a group for it. Definitely going to keep my eye on a few things throughout the weekend.

Hope the day goes smooth and weather holds off! Haven’t looked at any forecasts but looked quite dark and hit a few spots of rain on my drive into the office.

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So far it’s beautiful! Fingers crossed everything goes north of us.


Bidding on some items, this is awesome!!

EDIT also shout out to Farmer. Did he donate the print? Seen them a few times in the Chicago area, always a fun show.


Thanks man!! Chicago Farmer is a good show - he didn’t donate the print though. Just a friend who saw it and thought it was cool! A local printing shop did the design for the poster, so they sold a limited quantity.

We got all the golf in today - two 18 hole shotgun starts with no delays and just some brief drizzle in the afternoon session. Nothing a few beverages can’t assist with!

Oh and thanks as always to the Nest!!!


Thinking next year is the year we get a Nest/Refuge group out there!


I would absolutely love to see a Refuge group in the event one of these years! I know scrambles aren’t the favorite format around here, but we do our best to put on a good one and keep things moving despite the number of golfers. I’d love to see a Refuge group fire up a winning score (this year the best was -15) and take home some of these next year:


They have trophies for adults! Do want!

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I know its a bit of a drive but I wanted to throw out that I have 2 spots open at Fyre Lake in Sherrard IL if anyone wants to join. 10:48am on Saturday.