Roll Call: Bloomington/Normal

It’s a cold time of the year around here, but anyone play around the Blooming, Illinois area once it warms up? Just moved here looking for some folks to play with.


Welcome Andrew :wave:!

I think there are a few in the area like @Q-school (closer to Champaign, right?) and @IlliniGolferHack (closer to STL though?)

Hey man welcome!
@BloNoGolfer and @tchap80 are local to you I believe!

But @TCRBrad and I will probably be putting together some Chicago/stl/central Illinois meetups


Whoa…B-N getting it’s own Roll Call thread! Quite the bold entrance @aabers - I like it!

And yeah, @BloNoGolfer and I are both here in town. Another buddy of mine (@rdiddy1224) has joined but isn’t on the board much (yet). I believe @Q-school is just down the road in Champaign. Not sure if we have anyone else from central Illinois or not.

Let’s definitely find a chance to meet up and play once it warms up a bit. Weibring (ISU course) is my personal favorite, but I’ll play wherever. Even the Par 29 course at the Links isn’t bad for some quick iron practice or a round with the kids.

Welcome Andrew!

Thanks for the welcome fellas, look forward to playing with you guys in the future hopefully!

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Checking in as a West-Central Illinois guy. Would be down to come down to BloNo for a meetup on a weekend.


Awesome - thanks for chiming in @FlyerLie. I tend to play more on weekdays if I can take a half-day off work since weekends are often busy with 2 small kids, but we’ll definitely see what we can pull together once the season starts.

Awesome. Glad to see more refugees pop up in the area. Lets for sure get a round in this summer.

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I’ll post this here even though i think we mentioned it in the roll call Chicago. Here is the golfdrawn proof of Stone Creek. Today the Proshop closes. RIP. What do you think? I like it but, I don’t know if i have a spot for it.

@TCRBrad @IlliniGolferHack @tchap80 @TopFrolf


Awesome, I didn’t know they had one of those for Stone Creek, and I hadn’t seen this roll call. I’m in Champaign and am definitely down to play in Bloomington as well.

They don’t have any an the store, but you can contact them and get a custom made of any course. I have one of The Den in Bloomington. I suppose i could always swap them out every so often. Ha

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If anyone’s interested, we’ve opened up registration for our annual Tee It Up! For The GFPD golf scramble. It’s on Friday, May 15th at Weibring Golf Club, and all the money raised goes to the foundation that funds research for the rare genetic disease that affects my son Max. We do shotgun starts at both 8:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., with lunch and free beverages for all golfers.

If you’d like to play, I’d encourage you to jump in quickly as we are well on our way to another quick sellout this year. It’s a ridiculous, good problem to have. We also do a Reception and Silent Auction event the night before, on May 14th, with usually 150 or so auction items. It’s a great night and the combined two days has turned into a fun community tradition.

No worries at all if you’re not interested or can’t make it (or if you’re already planning on heading to Maxamania), just wanted to share with the group. Copying @TCRBrad, @IlliniGolferHack, and @Q-school as at least occasional central Illinois golfers in case any of them feel like a trip.


Long time lurker, made an account just to say I live in Peoria and would be down for a CI summer meet up.


I’m down to play in the tournament if anyone wants to put a team together or needs 1 more player


Anyone bought these? Seems like a good deal. About to pull the trigger.

2020 Central Illinois Golf Tour Card

Hi All, Newbie here for the central IL guys, favorite public course in the area? I am partial to Lick Creek over in Pekin used to be on the top 100 public courses list back in the day, not sure if it is.@aabers I had the golf card last year, good deal. Only bummer is Weaver Ridge was on it last year and they changed ownership so now $20 less but no Weaver, Weaver is definitely worth the $20


Welcome! I’ve never played Lick Creek but it looks awesome. I’m in Champaign, and am definitely looking to play this weekend. Probably just at the Orange & Blue here, but I could be convinced to come to BloNo if we get a group together there.

I’m down to play in Champaign or BloNo this weekend, been a long winter with no golf!

Let’s do it, I’m pretty flexible this weekend on when and where we play, though I’m not sure which courses are open. Thoughts? Anyone else want to join?

Also, it looks like the University is working with the owners of Stone Creek now in order to possibly take over management of the course and keep it open :crossed_fingers:


Love the Stone Creek news, especially if this is in consideration:

This could include the Atkins Group donating the golf course and related real estate to the University of Illinois.

That makes it a lot more feasible than another developer taking it on.

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