Roll Call: Bloomington/Normal

Anyone have recommendations for a club fitter in the area? My brother moved to the area recently and needs new irons.

Nothing comes to mind, sorry. Not much in this area that I know of on that front. I know sometimes manufacturers will host a day at a local course if there’s something specific he wants. Like I think Fox Creek has Titleist Thursdays for example.

Thanks- he has a couple options at his club- but no good agnostic fitters and no Mizuno/Srixon option.

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I stopped in Illini Golf in Peoria yesterday and saw that they do club fittings. No clue on what brands they offer or have any personal experience, but they may be worth a look into.

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Anybody want to get out and play soon’ish before the weather turns? I could make this weekend work, or the 10th next weekend.

I’m in Peoria and wanting to play Lick Creek soon, but open other Peoria courses, or driving over to BloNo to play!

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Is there one of these rooster things for central illinois?

The consensus seems to be that Central IL is joining forces with St. Louis.

I’m hoping we try and make a central IL “pod” that does some stuff on a smaller scale.


No way. If there is no central IL group (should be, where did all the peoria strapped energy go?) Im taking my talents to Chicago.

You guis are definitely missing out on a 15 handicap short but wild ball striking menace.


Now that some of the initial Roost-mania has died down, seems like STL is struggling to get enough interest (13 total, 11 not counting me or @kevjones ). Not sure that we’ve got enough juice here either, so thinking I’ll throw my name on the Chicagoland sheet so I can #beinvolved


The writing certainly appears to be on the wall for both the StL and Central IL Roosts, at least for 2022.


We definitely didnt have the same drive as strapped peoria. Oh captain, my captain.

Let’s be honest, our little slice of the country is only due for one monumental upset every 15 years or so…

(Yes, this is a Bradley Sweet 16 reference.)


I put my name on the Chicago sheet as well for now. But if we host an event and can coordinate with the Chicago crew, it would be fun to have some of us face off against Chicago or STL guys as a little sub-regional team action, even if we’re not an officially separate roost.

Also, wanted to pull @meshgearfox into this thread since he’s in central IL somewhere as well.


While there’s some action in this thread, I’m thinking of getting a membership to Lick Creek for next year. Hoping to play a lot more golf next summer, and will definitely be happy to host as well.


I’m jealous. Being able to play LC that much would be fun and probably make you a better all around player.

I had a season pass to the Peoria Park District courses for the steep, steep price of $100 while I taught down there. Loved being able to roll up to Newman or Kellogg without a tee time and walk to the first tee! Things have probably changed with how popular golf has gotten though.


I missed the LC round during Strapped Redux, and tried to make it out this fall but my schedule got overwhelmed and the good weather passed me by.

A bit nervous about becoming a member at a course I’ve never seen, but everybody raves about it so I’m sure it’s worth it.


$725 for a membership is literally insane. You have to jump on that!

I have a membership to a public course up in the Chicago area and I’m gonna renew for my second year. Even though it’s not a country club you still get to know other members from playing a lot and find new people to play with.


It is 1000% worth it, my friend.

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I still qualify for young adult as well, so $465 is even better.


It’s a no brainer and you can’t convince me there’s a better deal around here. It was my home course for about 20 years.

I now live near Sunset Hills GC in Pekin so the convenience of neighborhood golf and sneaking in 3 holes here and there bracketed by the schedule of my boy’s sporting events lured me in.

Otherwise, I’d still be a member there no doubt.