Roll Call: Austin/San Antonio

That’s fair. I’m also thinking that opting for a steakhouse sells the city’s food scene short.

@Shankadelic after Seven Grand, get you some fish tacos at Turf N’ Surf in Lavaca St Bar


now THIS I can get behind.

I’d love to see you jump in an Uber and go to Sway in Westlake, or Uchi on South Congress, or Barley Swine, Loro, Canje or about ten other places. But you asked for steak, so we gave you steak :).

But seriously, Canje is fucking AMAZING (New York Times names Austin's Canje restaurant one of 50 best in US)


Jeffrey’s, not even close!


Last year we had a 32 player bracket and we hope to have an equal amount of sign ups with more participation this year within each pod. Each month a planned meet up for match play days will be available. More to come as sign ups are completed.

STROH’s Match Play will begins November 26, 2022
We expect the final matches to play out by April 23, 2023

Steak? Pssst…it pork chop all day every day


Might be behind the curve, but can anyone explain wtf is going on here and why Jimmy Fazio is involved…?

TL;DR: some crypto BS that probably won’t amount to anything and wants ~$900 a month for a par 3 course and some pickle ball courts. Course isn’t built and from pics seems to be further from “central austin” than they describe. I’m on their email list / getting the info, consider me the mole


This will be very entertaining to follow. The location looks to be a half hour outside Austin at least. Maybe this will finally drive pitch and putt to add lights…

I really wonder who is running this project? Is it “the legendary Jimmy Fazio”?

Am also still laughing about their timing. Recessions are of course notoriously good times to start private golf clubs. It looks like they bought the land already… Next up is selling enough fake NFT memberships to cover costs, which will be tough!

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Course seems to be further along than I thought. Looks like hole(s) are already shaped. Wild! I need to know who is fronting the money for this. Assume they’ll pivot to focusing more on pickleball than golf in the future. I am tempted to show up to the happy hour meet and greet!

Looks like for the low price of $2,500.00, out of town members get 8 days of play a year at a par 3 course.

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Especially SA folks … if you haven’t yet, now is the time to #getinvolved in the Strohs! Hit me with a DM if you want to join up, we’ve just opened registrations for the Match Play which is a great low-stress way to meet some folks (we try and keep you with other SA-folks for the first few rounds). There’s a long thread you can read for details on the '22-23 wraparound season on our board, which you get access to once you join.

We definitely would like to have more SA representation, so call yo’ wife, call yo’ kids, come join us!


unless you saw pictures with time stamps or identifying landmarks, I would not be surprised if any photos you saw of “shaping” were stock images lifted from other work…

the whole thing seems like a massive grift.


Or for a few thousand you pay someone to “shape” one hole for photos to make it seem like there is tangible work happening.


It’s for sure a giant grift. And I am fairly confident that for once EAL isn’t behind it, because if he were he’d have already made it all about himself.


i’m sooooo tempted to go, but i’ll be out of town on a golf trip

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As a follow up. The “membership prices” were released today, and as expected they’re ridiculous for a par 3 course. I’m not sure what exactly a $10k a year membership buys you in terms of equity in the project. The founder looks to be Lauren Carson, who is a solar energy exec.

One thing I am sure of is that this property (9521 Hergotz Lane) has some very cloudy title, with at least one person showing up out of the woodwork with a recorded claim of equitable interest against it in the last year. And the property is encumbered with a substantial amount of debt. At least $3m in recorded loans just to acquire it in 2020, with an add on $200k loan last year. So to anyone thinking about giving ABC $10k to join, be careful!


Going to be in San Antonio 12/2-12/4. Any golf course recommendations? No budget. Looking to play somewhere nice. Going to be solo most likely. Quick trip in and out of town for a friends funeral - trying to add some light onto a grim weekend.


La Canterra resort course is pretty sweet


The Brack.


Where are you staying? The Quarry, Brackenridge Park, or La Cantera are all good options.

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Haven’t booked my stay yet - will check these out!