Roll Call: Austin/San Antonio

They do, they mentioned having some cobra sets to rent and push carts are available. Not expecting anything too nice though.

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I got this screen after booking a round at Lions just now… but didnt give them my email addy. there was no field for it… what do I do now?

I think that’s it. You just show up. Austin has the dumbest booking system around, what with the secret mafia of golfers who get prime weekend spots.



Anybody up for Mo Willy or Kizer on Wednesday?

Curious as which better for a 230pm walking tee time?

Anybody out there playing today?!

Kizer is a significantly easier walk, pretty flat and open. width and angles kinda muni, vs a hillier and more all around test at MoWilly.

wish i could join you but i’m staring down the barrel off meetings from 10-4pm straight :upside_down_face:


Should give a recap of the trip:

Played as a single, alone at Muny on my Tuesday arrival into town. Interesting routing but really coulda used a sherpa to point me in the right direction. It’s a fun course with a cool layout, and saving it is a good cause I can get behind… but… those were some of the slowest fucking greens I’ve ever played.

Next day, Wednesday of last week, got on at 3pm on Kizer. What a delight. Super fun holes, kinda crazy bit of routing and the greens are maybe some of the best I’ve played. I kinda hope they don’t mature and get soft.

89 both days never seeing either course which is pretty decent for a 12. I’d play Kizer again in a heartbeat.

We did a fun mid afternoon jaunt around Butler which was a blast as well. Great muni scene in Austin.


Glad you had a good trip. As a fellow 12, I am not thrilled with 89 at either place, but I have seen a lot of them. And I have played both courses 100 times, so have no excuse. The greens at Muni are often slow, but when I played last Saturday they were unusually slow and unusually bumpy. I can think of a lot of holes there where the green is out of sight from the tee and it’s probably not obvious where to go. Like 1, 5, 6, 9,11 and 16.

The greens at Kizer have historically been good, but since it reopened they are rock hard and smooth, as you saw.

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I wasn’t there to post a score, and typically I’m not really ‘aware’ of my score until I put up a big number or two and realize I might push up past 90.

Hey folks, I will find myself in Austin next week for work. Best steakhouse in town? ALC Steakhouse? Dai Due? Perry’s? Other?

Looking for vibes/scene, actual quality of food, close to a specific location?

Quality of food over scene (barely), somewhat close to Seven Grand where post-dinner libations will occur.

I’d go to Truluck’s - they advertise as as “Seafood House” but the steak is exceptional. But so is the seafood :). After that, Eddie V’s or Perrys are both close to Seven Grand, and quite good.


I was/am a huge fan of Ranch 616. The steaks they serve are phenomenal as well as all of the other menu items.


One other rec would be the VY Steakhouse. Consistently good meat-and-potatoes place. Nothing you can’t also find elsewhere, but you won’t be disappointed.

I would personally pick Dai Due, but all the other options Ty and Josh listed are really good as well.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

Also if Bob’s is still open they may have the best pours down town as during happy hour everything is a triple

Oh don’t go to Austin and eat at a chain steakhouse. ALC should get the nod. Check out Jeffrey’s if you wanna get cute with it

I totally get your point here, but fine dining is actually one place where a little bit of purchasing power can vastly improve the product. Truluck’s manages it’s own fisheries, for example - the crab is the best you’ll get in the city. The kitchen prep for the meat they bring to the table is world-class. So yeah, there are what, 10 Truluck’s around the nation, but you aren’t eating at Chilis. The food, ambiance and quality of the bar are all top-notch.

Similar with Perry’s - yes, the Perry family owns a bunch of restaurants throughout Texas, but they manage a damn fine kitchen, and the scale of their operation means they have the restaurant running like a finely machine. The point is to have a really good steak, and Perry’s delivers.

I don’t know who the management company is for VY’s Steakhouse, but the restaurant at least isn’t a chain; named for Vince Young, and Texas paraphernalia is everywhere.

I’ve never liked the vibe at ALC, plus it’s not close to where @Shankadelic is trying to meet up with coworkers after. But I haven’t eaten there in forever, so I can’t really comment on the food.