Roll Call: Austin/San Antonio

Felt like Texas is big enough to have a more dedicated thread for the Austin/San Antonio areas! Sound off if your from the area and let’s get some games going!


Laz Approved


Had a great time with everyone today at the Lions meetup. Looking forward to the next.

I second the motion to have a separate thread. Not in a way of division of the state, but for a more engaged movement in our little neck of I-35. Dallas, by all means come on. Houston, bring it.

Let’s get it.


Huge shout out to @XtraStiffWhiff. Gui has been on the Refuge for less than a month, has already organized a great local meetup, and now has kicked off a dedicated local thread. Well done!

It was great getting to play with you and everyone else today. Looking forward to the next one!



tried making a San Antonio thread last week that got shot down. Wish I could’ve connected with a few refugees during my trip this past weekend. glad to see it’s made for my future trips though

Pumped at the golf that is to come! What do we think about a monthly or quarterly meet-up somewhere within the region? Connections help when it comes to booking the tee times so let the knowledge flow like milk and honey!


There is / has been a Texas RACDG chapter since the start but it’s perhaps the worst performing of them all, especially since the captain moved to Omaha!

So I’ve been thinking that maybe Texas needs to be split up into manageable geographic chunks. We did the same when splitting the NE into Boston, NYC & Philly, all of which have started to fly since.

So maybe the Austin / SA area should be the first to calf itself and start afresh.

If you guys fancy doing that then hold up a hand for Captain and I’ll get you hooked into the system…

CAD :smiley:

Sorry I couldn’t make it to Lions, but definitely up for future ones.

All good. You missed what I can conservatively say we’re the worst greens in Texas. Just short of a cow pasture.


That sucks. Played there about 3-4 weeks ago and they were in good shape.

@cgroom @KBandujo and I are all around San Antonio. I wish I could have made the Austin meet up but I couldn’t move around my prior plans. I’m definitely interested in future meetups.


@Cmusil also in the SA area I believe. Bummed I couldn’t make it to the Austin meet-up but was in the middle of a move.

Are there any good tracks on 35/San Marcos/New Braunfels area that would make sense for a good SA/Austin midway meet up at some point? I haven’t really ventured outside of SA/Hill Country.

Grew up in Round Rock, but been a while since I lived there. There’s Bandit just east of 35 and north of SA. There are also the south Austin courses like Kaiser, Jimmy Clay and the course formerly known as Circle C. Seems like there’s a course or two in San Marcos?


Plum creek in Kyle is a great spot


I also wouldn’t sleep on Landa Parks. Right on the river, near Schlitterbahn, next to Wurstfest, can be a fun course for a lot of skill types.


Longtime Austinite here. Sorry I missed the Muni meetup, but I’ll make the next one.

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That’s my “Home” course. I wouldn’t mind getting that one organized.


Let’s book it son! See about what it would take to get some morning tee times and let’s coordinate!

Wherever we hold it, I’m thinking 7, 8, 14, or 15 of November. Any closer to Thanksgiving seems like we’d lose too many people to travel/family plans.


Kissing Tree is supposed to be nice. Never played it.