Roll Call: Austin/San Antonio

Barring a very last minute travel change, yeah still in!

Great! Just text me when you are headed to your hotel and we will nail down the time. 512-565-4362. Greg.

@Hitchings21 and I hitting it around 3 o’clock at Great Hills tomorrow if any other refugees are interested


Well, this mornings power outage caused my original flight to be canceled, and now I can’t take advantage of @chitwood generous hosting offer at great hills. I now land at 3:30 and have an entire late afternoon/evening to waste. Any recommendations? Staying at the Thompson downtown.

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Walk over to Rainey and have a few cocktails

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Hey Folks -

Just moved to ATX over the weekend. Transferring from the PeachtreeCollective and Atlanta where I’d spent my whole life. Looking forward to getting out and meeting y’all.

I’ve got a clear calendar the weekend of the 17th-18th with the wife gone. If you have plans and need an extra or want to set something up, I’m game.

Cheers -


Butler pitch and putt

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@Jdonelson get this guy in @STROHS

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i was just messaging @RMcCall for the discord link


hop in here, we’ve got a pretty bustling community on Discord of different threads and finding rounds to play in STROH's

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Hi All! I’m heading from philly to Austin at the end of the month for work. I was wondering which one of the munis you would recommend to play for a first timer to the area. Thanks for the help!

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three questions to give you the best recommendations here:

  1. Where are you staying?
  2. Are you bringing your sticks or will you be renting?
  3. Will you have a car, or will uber pricing factor into how much you’re going to spend on the golf?

If staying downtown, without sticks, and no car, Butler Park Pitch and Putt, and Lions Municipal will be your best bets. Butler for the energy and closeness + just simple pitch and putt, not a full rental set, Lions for the history and still being relatively close to downtown

If you’ve got a rental car, Kizer gets my recommendation, its a great Muni about 15 mins south of downtown that recently re-opened after redoing all 18 greens and is super fun

Thanks for the recommendations! I will have a car and will be staying on the eastern side of the city since I will have to go to Elgin a few times. Sticks will be staying at home unfortunately.

In that case I would say Morris Williams may be your best bet, nice hilly course, good challenge of all facets of your game and on the east side of town. Kizer still is awesome and would get my vote but MoWilly will be closer

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Thanks for the recommendation @omarmjhd

Kizer is back open?!

yessir! As of last Thursday. It’s currently walking only while they wait on new golf carts, but it’s back open for regular play

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Kizer is hard to get on to right now

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I was just able to book a tee time for Kizer over the phone for next Friday in the afternoon. The guy I spoke with said it will probably still be walking only.

Does Kizer rent clubs? If so, I can’t imagine they will be any good.