Roll Call: Atlanta - TPC Sign Up Link in Discord Announcements Channel

Mail day. :pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers:



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Congrats on the remodel! My buddy is a member there and absolutely loves the work that was just completed.

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What’s up everybody! I was looking to join the Atl Roost this year. What are the steps needed to join?


Fill this out and come hop on the discord. Links above and you’ll get one in the confirmation email. check out let’s go launch em thread. There’s a handful of games happening just this weekend!

Thanks, I’m in!


What’s up y’all? Traveling to Alpharetta area may 20-24, looking to sneak in some afternoon rounds while there….what do y’all recommend?

Echelon or a friend at a private!


Matt’s got you covered. That’s about it.

Is woodmont GC private now??

Looking around and almost everything in a 10 mile radius is private lol

I’ll check out echelon, their website isn’t very user friendly on mobile

Checkout Woodmont CC. The website says open to the public.

Would recommend both.

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Looks like about 20-30 minute drives to both so going to try and hit them. Thanks!

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@fanofrockytop might be able to help ya out as well

I can host you at my club one of those days. DM me.


FOR SURE do this.

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@PurpATL is a great host at a great course. If I’m around that week, always happy to host.


Hey guys weird question but I’ve never thought about it. I’ve only ever gotten lesson packages as gift (never paid for myself). I signed my fiancé up for lessons, with her first one being tonight. Should I tip the instructor?

If you feel they went above and beyond sure. But you’re also paying them pretty well. My perspective, as an ex teacher. The best tip is repeat business and if they are do a great job at the end of a series or package and you’re really pleased, then sure, tip. But it’s not required or expected.

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