Roll Call: Atlanta - TPC Sign Up Link in Discord Announcements Channel

If you’re willing to drive, I can host you at my club (Rivermont golf club) which ends up being like $120 after tax.

West Pines is a great (may be the best) public option which is about 30 mins from the airport and is under $60


Is that what the “Roll Call” threads are for? First time poster here

More info on Anne Arundel Manor?

It’s the best spot to get connections and input. Especially when going to a new city. Most of the local communities now operate in their roost chats, which live outside the roll calls.

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Arundel manor is one of the most interesting private club in the country and you worked there. Feel free to post some insight in the Maryland Roll call thread. Or don’t. Either way is fine.

But this spot is probably your best bet to find some info on Atlanta golf

Ok will do. I’ll have some time tomorrow to post something in detail



Sorry if post isn’t allowed here but anyone know/have some old womens golf clubs they’re looking to get rid of? Trying to upgrade her bag before the summer. Nothing fancy (anything is better than the Spaldings
she has). For context she’s righty, ~5’4”. Thanks!

Who’s going to the shutdown fullcast live show?

Just snagged a ticket from someone who cant make it.

@Fife_Cav is coming into town for it.



Would really like to play a couple of roost events this year. This roost seems highly organized! Which is a weird thing in Georgia.


always welcome! You’ll be seeing a few things in the coming week that will make notice of events easier, but you can also set to “watching” this thread, as we post the events here for all to see.

Not sure where you’re based, but you’re welcome to join the discord as well! You have an option when joining just to view our basic channels and our events channels without “subscribing” to the entire server as well!

I am in Rome about an hour NW of ATL. Play out of Coosa CC. Happy to host some folks that would like to play the recently re-done layout.


oh nice. @MarkCaldwell is up near the border.

coosa is a good time

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I enjoy Fields Ferry a couple of times a year.

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Let me know if you ever need to a fill out a group. I’m right on the border in TN and play pretty much everywhere between Chattanooga and ATL.

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Yeah I’m sure we can fill it easily