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Couldn’t believe there was not an Atlanta-specific Roll Call thread!

There are pluses and minuses to living anywhere but one of the big pluses of living in the Atlanta Metro Area is the abundance of great course, both public and private, as well as a huge number of avid golfers.

I live in-town but belong to St Ives in Johns Creek and have anytime-access over at River Club in Suwannee. Both are great tracks and River Club in particular is really special. The USGA does Open state qualifiers there and even pros in the area (Cink) take advantage of the fantastic practice facilities.

I am always up for a game. I think I understand Wolf Hammer but have yet to play it so I would love to get that going. Also always up for trading rounds at other clubs in the area.

Let’s get out there boys!


Live in Buckhead and commute up to CCR. Is there a course in Atlanta that doesn’t claim Cink using their practice facility?


No idea. Only other one I’ve heard of first-hand is Sugarloaf. He has lockers at both Sugarloaf and RC. I’m sure he gets around town, there are so many fantastic clubs. That wasn’t my point. I was just saying that I’d love to get a game together (need to play wolfhammer for the first time) and was suggesting where I have access to as an option sometime. Love playing as many of the great Atlanta tracks as possible.

I’ve been looking for someone to try out Wolfhammer with! My usual group just can’t bring themselves to play anything other than Wolf. I live in-town too, and I usually just play anywhere with a cheap GN tee time. I’d love to get a Wolfhammer game together with some people actually interested in figuring it out on the course.


I’m in Johns Creek. Typically play the clubcorp tracks (Manor, CCS, WC, Laurel). Play wolf hammer pretty regularly. Typically Friday am. Hit me up

All in on learning Wolf Hammer! I live in Brookhaven so I’m game to meet anywhere.
Feel free to shoot me a text at 912-665-0066

Im a member at Governors Towne Club up in Acworth and would love to trade rounds with some guys and get a game going some time soon

Just graduated from UGA and live in Atlanta. I’ve quickly learned that if you don’t belong to a club it is much better to drive 30-45 minutes otp if you want to have an enjoyable round. That being said I’d love to play some of the private clubs in the area. I managed to get on Crabapple and was blown away. It’s not much but I can get you some free rounds at the UGA course, Cobblestone and Brookstone.


Grew up playing the Stone, love the layout. Ever since it got bought out by American golf they refuse to put any money into it. It could be a gem if they could keep it conditioned. Also Cartersville CC is the mecca of good Atlanta golf if you can go. Absolute gem of a course, I looked at joining last year and the GM told me they have 120+ members that play under an 8 handicap…thats insane.


anybody trying to get a game going some weekend feel free to email me and we can get a game going. my email is

I’ve never heard a bad thing at Cartersville CC. Been wanting to play it for some time. I also inquired about membership a couple of months ago but the drive is bit too far for me.

Hey everyone,
I`ll be playing some daytime rounds in south of Atlanta area (staying in forsyth) 15th to 19th Okt.
Hit me up if you want to play a round, here or my email
11HC on vacation from Norway.

Gosh, Cartersville CC is so good. I played in the mid am there 2 years ago and was blown away.

I’m in north atlanta if anyone wants a game! Rocking the public golf life up here but love to travel for good golf.

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New to the ATL in the last few months. Live by Bobby Jones and have been patiently watching and waiting for the course to open!

Is there any official opening date? I can’t find any info on their opening.

Tentative open date is Nov 5.

I have very high hopes for the new Bobby Jones. It’ll be really good for the area which includes no public driving range/practice facilities. In-town Atlanta is great for private courses but really lacks solid public options / practices options.

I’m guessing this project is going to be a home run and this model will be copied across the country.
Current situation: In town, super valuable real estate, old course, past its prime, old and small clubhouse, limited land, no driving range, etc Classic intown muni course.
Future: brand new course, reversible 9 holes that will play as 18 different holes. bigtime driving range, short game area, etc. Brand new, large clubhouse with legit bar/restaurant and event space. Georgia Golf HOF will be in there and so will the Ga State Golf Assoc headquarters.

It makes a ton of sense what they are doing and the reversible 9 holes allows for an overall better use of the land. I’m very impressed with the planning behind this project.


I was just down in Atlanta a few weeks ago and Bobby Jones sounds like it would have been a great place for us to golf the day we flew in. Guess we were a month too early.

24 years old and considering joining a private club after getting abused by the public golf in Atlanta every weekend. Any good recommendations?
The courses I am realistically considering as far as reasonable price points and quality of golf are Pinetree, Berkley, and Rivermont.

I’ve never played Rivermont but it’s up my way and looks pretty good driving by. I got some info from them earlier this year when we were looking around for swim/tennis memberships. The rates seem pretty reasonable but it’s not currently in the cards for us. I’d be happy to forward the emails from them if you’d like.