Roll Call: Atlanta - TPC Sign Up Link in Discord Announcements Channel

Gotcha! Thanks for this

@PurpATL @fanofrockytop thank you guys! Hopefully the schedule works out, I will definitely be in touch as it gets closer. Really appreciate all of the help from everyone.


Feel free to join the Discord if you haven’t joined already!

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Anyone have a short game coach recommendation? Have a few hours to kill before buddies land in ATL for our trip up to sweetens and realized I haven’t done a short game lesson in a while.

I’d call up Bobby Jones. Best venue for short game work if you’re looking for in person and all the coaches are solid.

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Anyone play Bobby Jones recently? played nine today after hitting the range and on the 7th hole of magnolia The water line was littered with what had to be hundreds of dead fish


That should be their new logo

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Seriously, after a good rain storm I always find dead ones in the fairways

I assume the chemicals they use runoff and kill the fishies


My wife and I are considering a move further south. I’ve worked in sales for about 12 years and would like to continue down that road.

I’m not sure my company would transfer me (haven’t asked, only posted job we have in GA is in Savannah) and I’m open to a fresh start. Any companies in the general area I should look in to?

We have friends in Marietta and my sister lives in Sandy Springs. Ideally, we would like to be more on the north side than anything.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

All defections from high cotton are welcome! Haha. There’s a tremendous amount of opportunity down here. What sector are you in? Atlanta has quite a bit of sales potential, biggest industries for sales are probably manufacturing/resources and tech. We’ve got guys in the roost with some of the big firms and a few at larger tech entities as well.



I’ve been working for a sporting goods outfit ($1.7 billion in sales as a company) that sells a TON of different products (around 100,000 with and without customization). I love my job and I would love to keep doing it…as I am typing this, I probably just need to make a call and see what options there are.

That being said…I think I would be fairly open to change if the fit was good. Tech would probably be at the bottom of the list for me. Heard too many horror stories.

Housing market scares the hell out of me right now too. Selling seems great until you have to buy.


Mizuno’s US headquarters are here, which is probably a natural fit. our discord link is a few posts above. If you hop in there, I’m sure you can link up with a few guys for some informational interviews to guage that market. We also have members who work for PGA Superstore at HQ @Theonewhoshanks @raleighdawg