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I’d take purp up on his offer but if it doesn’t work out for what’s it worth I’ve never seen rate hikes or round length increase around Atlanta during masters weekend. There’s plenty of public options for you to have a 36 hole day



there are a few courses closer to Augusta but beware of price hikes

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Registration is live in the Events page!


Going to Atlanta for the Shutdown Fullcast show in February. We are flying in the morning of the show. Looking for things to hit up in the city. To see, eat or drink.

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@kmart796 and @tuck_mulligan are sorta your in town experts. Fullcast event is at Monday Night correct?

Where in town are you staying?

That is correct.


Downtown is mostly a bit of a no man’s land for food/drink, but if the weather sucks or you just need to kill time, the aquarium really is great. You can make it from downtown to just about any in-town neighborhood in less than 20 minutes though. Some convenient places:

Summerhill: Halfway Crooks (best brewery in Atlanta), Little Bear, Talat Market, How Crispy, Wood’s Chapel are all great food options and are basically all on the same block.

East Atlanta Village: kind of the Brooklyn of Atlanta, Argosy, Gaja, Banshee, OK Yaki are all good options for food and drink there

Decatur Square: tons of good options, where the hip wealthy 45 year olds hang out, Brick Store Pub, Leon’s, Victory, Kimball House, Chai Pani, Inner Voice/Glide (second best brewery in Atlanta) You can also take the marta from downtown to the square if you’re going to be drinking

Westside: slightly closer to Monday Night Garage if time is a consideration, Fishmonger, Miller Union, Palo Santo, Cooks & Soldiers.

If the weather is nice you can walk the beltine starting at Ponce City Market, but it might be swarmed on a Friday/Saturday if it’s more than 50 degrees outside. Piedmont Park is also a really pleasant walk, you can grab coffee/wine and tinned fish (if you’re into that) from Larakin which is a block or two from one of the main entrances.


Tucker has you very well covered, the Aquarium is by far the best tourist attraction in the city IMO. But like he said, if it’s nice out then picking out a nice walking route would be my recommendation for one day. Depending on your timing you could get brunch somewhere in Midtown (South City Kitchen is one I’ve been to and really liked) and take a short walk east to Piedmont Park (which contains the very nice Atlanta botanical garden, although unsure about it in February). You could probably cover most of the nice walking areas there in an hour at a leisurely pace, walk a mile on the Beltline down to Ponce City Market, grab another quick bite or a treat from the food hall there, then carry on south on the Beltline to Inman Park (pretty cool/trendy strip of restaurants) or Krog Street if you love food halls (shoutout to the Korean cheesesteak at Fred’s Meat & Bread). If you followed all of this and wanted to get dinner in one of those two endpoints, Delbar in Inman Park and Ticonderoga Club at Krog Street (sit down place off the back of the food hall) are definitely my two favorite Beltline adjacent restaurants. And that might sound like a ton of walking but this route would be quite flat and probably a total of like 5-6 miles with just a couple of street crossings



Direct shot @tombudsman

Well done sir. Your write up is spot on.


I mean, I was 45 3.9 years ago and had tiki drinks and tacos at SOS this week. Story checks out.


The only redeeming thing downtown is Trader Vic’s in the basement of the Hilton


Hello fellow golf Degens,

I will be traveling to Atlanta for a conference April 6th to the 8th and scheduled my flights so I can get in a round of golf on Saturday before the conference on Sunday.

I wanted to reach out to see if anyone had any (1) Muni/Public course recommendations that are within 20-30 minutes of the airport or (2) see if anyone would be open to having me as a guest at their club.

About me:

  • 4.8 Index
  • Member at Tabolt Country Club (TCC) in Easton, MD
  • Member of TCC’s Greens Committee
  • Rutgers Turfgrass Management Alum ("11)
  • Courses I have worked at in the past: Alotian, Anne Arundel Manor, CC of Woodmore, CC or York, Rehoboth Beach CC, Hayfields CC
  • Married and a girl dad
  • IG Handle @rm_laro_

Probably have better luck in.

But I also need more information here….

10-20 minutes from the airport. Your really only got 2 options, that’s browns mill or wolf creek for public golf. If you want to spend 200-300, have your pro reach out to Piedmont Driving Club, it’s in the range for you time wise. It’s a swanky, exclusive, poorly designed Rees Jones, that’s well maintained and has a caddie program. They do take unaccompanied guests that week, with the Masters the following week.

If you can expand your range, lots of opportunities to play and we’ve got a great community of folks who play down here.

Patrick has you covered. Browns Mill is gonna be your best muni bet.

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Thanks for the info!

What courses outside of that range would you recommend?

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