Roll Call: Atlanta - TPC Sign Up Link in Discord Announcements Channel

I downloaded the app. Tried to join but it wants me to link to a server, that is where it loses me.

Sorry, GenX’er here.

Shiiiiit, is that where ya’ll go to talk UGA football because nobody in the CFB thread seems to give a flying fuck???

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We mostly just talk about programs less fortunate than UGA. There’s no drama to talk about

Dang it, I guess that means I’m just stuck with my family’s terrible takes. My dad texted me yesterday concerned that he heard a rumor Arthur Blank is going to offer Kirby double his UGA salary to coach the Falcons and that he thinks Kirby will consider it.

Bless his heart


However our falcons takes our completely unhinged

I have one of the yardage book covers. funny enough, it doesn’t cover the UGA yardage book they sell in the pro shop. I had to cut my yardage book to get it to fit :joy:

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I just got the white scorecard holder in the mail yesterday.

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The UGA scorecard is an atrocity.

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you should come down for Stankonia in May. Can bookend a round at UGA.

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Trying to get down there for something UGA and golf related is very high on my list. My regular group here desperately wants to have a SEC football experience so we’re looking at Athens in the fall for football and golf.

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little birdie told me there’s some UGA football tickets in the Stankonia raffle


Excellent, I like buying raffle tickets.

You’re welcome in these parts anytime T-Bone


Greetings southern friends,

My cousin and I received some exciting news this winter with passes to Saturday and Sunday of the masters. We fly into ATL on Thursday night and are attempting to work in some golf on Friday before we drive to Augusta. I’m sure that weekend is absolutely bonkers down there so I figured this would be a good place to get some guidance on navigating those waters. Open to any and all suggestions!


I’d be happy to host at my club:

Let me know!


I’d take up Purp on that offer! Greens might be a 13 for Masters week!

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That would be stupendous purp! Let me confirm with my cousin where we’re staying in town and we can firm up plans as we get closer to April.

is there another course in the nearby area too to get 36 in? We’re greedy bastards

Atlanta public golf is pretty terrible its very unlikely youd be able to find 36 at any of them during that weekend… I’d expect 5.5 hour rounds at most of them and a price hike that’s not worth what course you’d get on. Guest fee at my place is $110, if you are cool with that, we may be able to play 36 (guests usually can only play after 12), but I can try to work the out of town angle.

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I figured 36 would be a stretch, beggars can’t be choosers so whatever you’re able to work out we’re in for :call_me_hand:t3: guest rate is just fine