Roll Call: Alberta

Yep, the first few days were spectacular though so you take the good with the bad. Cranbrook area courses were a treat.

Quick photo memory jostle says it was actually late june. Still the experience stands cold AF.

Thursday vibes:

No photos of sunday vibes but it was all layers, scrambling to pay extortionate toque prices in the pro shops.

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I had a fun Cranbrook area trip 5 years ago. Awesome views

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Yep. I was in the area last summer and the place is surrounded by homes now. They’ve entered phase 2 apparently.

Yes, that’s the one. Founded in 1896. Very forgiving and good for beginners beginners but it would make for some interesting non-stroke play.

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Despite living within a literal stone’s throw from Vic for a few years I’ve only ever played the front nine there. Probably a fun half bag walk with some fun wagers.


Back nine is more fun. Drivable 4, reachable 5, tiny 3 with a serious false front where the pin is always 2 paces over, fun five where the green is benched 50 feet straight up, the a fun drive from way up there on a shortish 4.

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I havent played vic for a while. I just remember the round taking forever as it was a weekend round…

Yeah, you need to be first out. After 9:00 or so it’s going to be a long round.

Hey Alberta!

Any interest in a run out to beautiful grey wolf for a weekend of golf in panorama bc?

We’re making some early talk up in YEG about staying on property and sessioning the course a few times over.

Weekends of July, not the long weekend.

Count me in. I have a place down by the lake to stay at, love me some Greywolf!

July is likely really tough for me with other stuff booking up so much time already, but when you pin a date down let me know - I’ll see what I can do!

Any dates work Bunk?

Aside from the July long weekend, I am quite flexible.

If I was going to lean on the scale - which I’m not - but if I was going to - I’d say lean later than earlier to give me the best chance of making it. But obviously do what works!

I’m leaning towards the 14th weekend. I’ll have a check for tee times. Hopefully should be easy enough for a foursome which is what we are without Duncan.

Seems like if we’re doing a battle of alberta, might be time to put some dates on calendar. I made a couple of trials last year and we struggled to get beyond a foursome from the province of nlu’ers.

@alhunter is out in july too right? I’ll have to see what those dates are again.

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Here’s Alex’s approximate plan.


Duncan posted my mostly correct itinerary. Some tweaks since, so ill update it here. Highlighted the openings for folks who might be interested!
Elk Island sadly closed at this time. Playing Blackhawk while in Edmonton, unfortunately not my place to open the invites though.

Sunday July 2nd: Mickelson National ~3pm with Duncan - 2 spots open!

Thursday July 6th: Jasper Park Lodge with @jimmay and his buddy Coop at 12:51pm. Might have a spot open, not sure. Anyone is free to call them and see if we do or not.

Friday July 7th: Jasper Park Lodge 7am - 2 or 3 spots open. Not sure if my friend Luke is coming or not at this time.

Monday July 10th: Banff at 10am with @duncmitchell @Bunk and Luke.

Wednesday July 12th: All day at Kananaskis. Looking for some folks to play with! I will be booking a twosome to guarantee my times when the sheet opens on Tuesday April 28

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Thanks, one of the edmonton crew works at blackhawk and I’ve heard good things. Are you here a couple of days? If so coal creek would be a great get while in the area, definitey one of the best courses in our region.

With this grey wolf plan taking place I don’t know how available I’ll be for the cgy portion but I’ll see what might work. If anything maybe that sunday LIV day for a burn down golf and back.

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Ooooo if we get more than 4 on July 12 Wednesday @ Kananaskis we can book 2 groups (hopefully) and switch up foursomes over lunch. I might try and book, or join if spots are open!

Also for Calgary crew, anyone interested in doing a couple of hours of sims, and hanging around to watch some masters at a sim place Masters weekend? maybe the saturday? Think TotalGolf has TV in the main area, prob Modern Golf too.

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Wish I could fit in some other golf. My wife doesnt play so my itinerary is about as full as I can get it for this trip. Coal Creek looks serious fun. Have to save it for next time

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