Roll Call: Alberta

In the spirit of the Buffalo Declaration of Alberta as a distinct society, it’s time for our own thread to free ourselves of the oppression of the Laurentian Consensus. :wink:

All joking aside, there are quite a few of us, and it’s difficult to follow along in the Canadian thread now. Canada is also friggen gigantic.

I’d suggest Ontario, BC and other regions definitely could use their own threads too

It would be fun to get some Alberta golfers together during our short season.

I’ve tried to tag as many as I can see from the Canadian thread to get going! The vast majority are Calgary-based, but hopefully more from across the province jump on board.

@JDWilson @DriverOffTheDeck @cmonk28 @AVMacan @Chadvb @ElSanto @CL83 @cav007 @tommymac @Garnsie

Apologies if I missed anyone so far.


Max ten tags in a post. Two more: @HugeRightMiss @T3J

Good call. I’m here for this. I’d love to do a mid-week Wolf Creek trip this summer.

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Been awhile since I’ve been in the Nest. But I’d love to meet up with YYC golfers. I play mostly alone. It sucks lol

It’s my struggle too. Many of my friends don’t golf, or might play a couple times a year. This community is a good opportunity to get some games together.

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I generally don’t work summers and play a lot weekdays when friends are working. Avoid courses in prime times and have VIP card where many friends don’t.

Would love to get together with like minded golfers here

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A Wexit thread!


Yes I am in. I don’t know what my summer is going to look like since I am start a business venture but I would love to get together.

Hey All!

Would love to get together for a round or two sometime this summer.

Definitely interested in getting out to Wolf Creek as I have yet to get out there. My work schedule is generally flexible for some mid-week days off, but would likely have to be after I write my CFA test in June. See when works best for the majority.

Hopefully this early spring weather keeps up and we’re out on the links in late March!


It would be cool to do one gathering per month throughout the season. See whoever can make it:

Some suggestions:

Water Valley (excellent strapped location)
Wolf Creek

I’m 100% in for this, unfortunately as of this month I’m based in Montreal, however I’ll be back in Calgary and area pretty consistently and will more than likely have clubs available if I happen to be around when the get togethers happen.


In on this! Played Wolf Creek last year, really enjoyed it!
Heard great things about Water Valley and Sundre too.

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@Bunk Thanks for setting up an AB thread. I just moved back to AB last year and played every round on my own. Would love to get a regular group together.


Popping in to ask about the best things Calgary has going, non-golf related.

I know it’s cold. I know about Stampede week. And Flames games at The Saddledome speak to my soul.

What else we got for a naive and clueless American who loves to travel and may end up spending a lot of time in your fine city.

Non-Tourist ideas only - local preference

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The best thing? It’s only a three hour drive to Edmonton.

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Its one of the finer cities out there in my biased opinion.

Stampede week - 10 day party of general debauchery, a great experience but if big crowds of non-cowboys/girls acting like some while severely intoxicated doesn’t sound like your jam I wouldn’t plan too much time around it. Also tons of live country music to take in.

Flames games - Look I’m going to be honest with you, the Saddledome is a bit of a dump if you been to any of the newer arenas around the league, but its still a great time on a friday/saturday night especially if were playing a Canadian team. Hit up Stephen Ave or 17th Ave for pre/post game drinks/food

Food - I think the food scene in Calgary has really taken off in the last few years, tons of great restaurants with a variety of different foods. In terms of price to quality (especially give CAD/USD ex) I would argue its some of the best value you’ll find in major North American cities

Craft Beer - A number of great craft breweries have opened up in recent years, a lot of them are located fairly close together so its a great way to spend an afternoon touring around them ( Also seen a bunch of distilleries pop up recently and have a number of good cocktail bars if thats more your style

Music - Definitely not in the caliber of some of the great music cities in the states, but there are a lot of pretty good music venues in the city from dive bars to orchestras. Several music festivals throughout the summer as well

I know you said non-tourist ideas only, but you’re doing yourself a disservice if you come up here and don’t get out to the mountains in some form. Banff/Lake Louise are the classic stops but also tons of hikes in the Canmore & Kananaskis areas. Also lots of pathways and parks in the city to take advantage of.

And because @cav007 couldn’t resist taking a shot at Calgary I feel necessary to mention that Edmonton’s not hell, but you can see it from there


All in good fun. My sister in-law lives in Inglewood and I love the vibe in that neighbourhood. Always a great visit.

I kid too, I’m right across the river in East Village, Inglewood is a great time. Edmonton has some great spots too, plus until we get our arena you get all the big concerts.

The arena and the Ice District development really has revitalized downtown (or just “vitalized”, I’ve only been here 14 years so I don’t know the history).

Calgary is a very liveable place, as indicated by always being ranked so high in things like Economist Livability rankings (5th in the world, tops in North America). This speaks to Calgary’s very strong education, healthcare, infrastructure, stability, environment, housing, etc. The basics of high quality of life.

Where traditionally it has lagged is the sexy stuff that makes big city life great, but that is rapidly changing. Lots of good cultural attractions, a very good food and beer scene, much improved street life and districts in and around our downtown. Fantastic riverfront amenity. But still a work in progress. The connection to our outdoor surroundings has always been a big attractor.