Roll Call: Alberta

I will plug Pat and Betty on 1st, have been there and Major Tom in the last two month and Pat And Betty blew Major Tom out of the water. Top 5 meals I’ve ever eaten

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This is WILD. Will absolutely check it out.

Part of it might have been what we ordered. Major Tom’s potato doughnuts and cheesy bread were unreal, but we went with rigatoni/half chicken/brussel sprouts which were very good but didn’t blow me out of the water. They didn’t compare to the feature pasta/roasted carrots/double bone in pork chop at Pat and Betty. The carrots were an unreal flavour combo with a ton of layers and the pork chop was perfectly cooked and had all the balance of sweet and savoury. Also would take their carrot cake over Major Tom’s

Really can’t go wrong with either but highly recommend Pat and Betty and the location to pop over to one of Shelter/Tea House/Proof for a cocktail before or after is great too

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Yeah, now I’m very much looking forward to going.

I’m at Notable on Friday this week with some friends flying in - it’s a block from our house since we moved, and I haven’t been in forever. My wife and I went on one of our earliest dates there - I’m excited to have it as my local! The kicker will be remembering that, for a random pop in going forward, I can just have a snack and a glass of wine, rather than 4 courses and two bottles…

A great book for anyone relocating or heading to Calgary for a visit…

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Anyone in / around Calgary want to play golf tomorrow?

I can’t this weekend, but let’s definately try at some point!

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Just got back from Canmore and Calgary, and while I enjoyed every meal I had I will be dreaming about the mango shrimp tacos from Streats in Calgary for a long time.


Calling @alhunter to the alberta thread!

Sounds like some things are afoot for any calgary locals in late september.

The schedule sounds like a lot of fun.


Upstanding Duck Clubber and noted golf lunatic @alhunter is coming to visit late-September. He’s playing a ton of golf the week of the 26th - I’m hopping in and out for a couple rounds, but I’m sure he’d love more company.

From the Canada thread, his schedule is as follows -

Here are my whole plans for the trip:
Monday 3pm Mickelson National with Duncan.
Tuesday 36 at Kananaskis
Wednesday Stewart Creek
Thursday Banff Springs with Duncan
Friday wander around Calgary (maybe golf early morning?) before my wife arrives at the airport.


I’m greenlighted to join for the monday and tuesday so mickelson and kananaskis are a go. Let me know what I need to do to join the gang @alhunter and shove my name on the tee sheets. Very pumped for both days as I’ve never played either spot.


Aaaaaand trying again for the glorious Wolf Creek day.

I’ve got two tee times booked for sept 10th, so hoping we can hit 8 players.

Aiming for 36, old course start 8:30 and 8:40 in the morning. Slight time for some chow then 2:05/2:15 on the links course to follow. We are three coming from edmonton, @cav007 and @southafricancanuck and this guy of course.

Hopefully the date works for at least a few more people and we can fill up the remaining 5 spots.


God. Damnit.

I’m almost certainly in Halifax that week - it’s a coin toss right now if I come home the 9th or stay through the weekend. Waiting on construction timelines.

If anyone wants a warm-up on Links before then - especially mid-week rounds! - let me know and I’ll be game.

Let me know if you want a place to crash that night - Alex is in the spare room, but I can offer a choice of couches…

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I mean I won’t say no but I think i might explore some options to get the next day started closer to the courses. Thanks for the offer Duncan.

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Just an update here, it sounds like there are 4 and maybe five of us coming from Edmonton at the moment. I’m really hoping we can get at least a few from Calgary to join so we have the two tee times filled up.

Don’t be shy, none of us are any good (no offense to anyone of course), but we’re nice people! I swear.

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Hey @Banjopete , sorry for the late reply hopping from Duck Club chat and here. Wanted to wait on my end to confirm if i was free for Sept 10th, and unfortunately am not… playing with some friends out at Canmore GCC that weekend. But yeah would still look at some point to play with Edmonton and Calgary folk.

Thanks for organizing @Banjopete !!!