PNW RACDG Championship & NIT Local Qualifier - Sun., August 30th (Cle Elum, WA)

Listen, I’m not saying that I had two Adolfs at Rope Rider yesterday, but I’m not not saying it.


unplayable lie & pitch < 3 strokes

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Get ready for a lot of fire ants on the course.


Should I be that gui? I guess I should.

When taking an unplayable lie in a bunker, you have to still drop the ball in the bunker. You aren’t allowed to take it out… unless you use the new rule to drop outside of a bunker with the 2 stroke penalty.

So, new bunker unplayable drop & pitch = 3 :joy:


Now this is fake news.

Picking the right tees for conditions so we aren’t playing long rounds isn’t course setup IMO. I’m not picking hole locations or moving tee blocks around out here (though may switch a couple of the par 3s in the combos to have different yardages)

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Then why was there a tee block missing on 10 :thinking: :thinking:

Holy shit didn’t know that haha haven’t done it (usually use them from bushes smdh)

That’s why you’re on the Rules Committee!

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Cause the general public can suck at times :joy:

There’s still time to sign-up! #GetInvolved

The @Geaugolf -made trophy has been revealed :eyes:

The Champion is walking home with this beaut!!


That is beautiful. Man I wish I could get a hall pass for this. With gearhart and wagolf mid-am that week, no chance

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Just got the survey results back from @The_Cad_Says, not surprising but the PNW Crew ran away with the best dressed RACDG chapter category. Need more proof? Hats are in!

Limited stock here folks, can’t have product gathering dust on shelves, you understand. Preference given to event attendees - @luckin11, @chico, @I_have_the_yips, interested? Others have already jumped in, $30 even, slide in these DM’s.

Couple weeks out, Suncadia looks pure, I’m puuuuumped.


Already slid into your DMs!

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Yes definitely want one!

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Perfect, got one saved for you!

Extending the cut-off on sign-ups until a week from today, 8/23.

Don’t be afraid to sign-up!

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Rumor has it there is a Prospector practice round happening tomorrow mid-morning. (me)

Sir! Cease and desist! (dm me any insights).

Also, @Geaugolf is a treasure. Looks/feels even better in person. I generally like all of you, but I will be doing my very damndest to bury each and every one of you to win this thing.

(Yes, my plant is battling back to life)


A few insights / confirmations of Suncadia golf truths -

Being below the hole is really valuable.
Being above the hole is really not great.
It is in fact quite windy.
Wind makes Par 4s feel like Par 5s.
The mountain lion on #11 at Prospector is NOT real.
I hope we get weather like today on the 30th. It was fantastic out there today. Course is in great shape!


My par 4 scoring average already thinks all par 4s are par 5s so… advantage me?