PNW RACDG Championship & NIT Local Qualifier - Sun., August 30th (Cle Elum, WA)

With the unfortunate cancellation of the Idaho trip and the PNW RACDG Championship at The Coeur D’Alene Resort, it’s time to try to find a new venue of the PNW RACDG Championship. With the blessing of @davidc, I will host our regional championship!

In addition, @Tron has floated that at least one NIT spot may be on the line for the PNW RACDG Champion (or the best finishing Nest member).

Before I describe more details, I will pose one question. Which would you rather prefer?

  • 18 Hole Championship on Rope Rider
  • 36 Hole Championship; first round on Prospector in the morning, then second round on Rope Rider in the afternoon

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Sunday, August 30th
Prospector Tee Times Starting at 8am (Currently booked the 8, 8:10, 8:20, and 8:30)
Rope Rider Tee Times Starting at 1:30pm (Currently booked the 1:30, 1:40, 1:50, and 2pm)


Suncadia Resort - Cle Elum, WA
Course(s): Rope Rider

If we choose to make it 36 holes, we add Prospector to the mix:

First Round: $72.32 (including tax already). This green fee includes cart and range balls.

If we choose to play 36 holes for the Championship, it is $144.64 total (including tax already) with the cart at both courses and range balls included with the green fees.


We will be going straight Net Stroke Play as it’s the PNW RACDG Championship, after all.

The Blue* tees will be used on Rope Rider. The Back/Middle* tees will be used on Prospector.

*If conditions dictate the tees to be moved up (high winds, for example, which are always a possibility in the mountain valley), the Blue/White tees will be used on Rope Rider and the Middle tees will be used on Prospector. This call will be made at least a day or two in advance based on the forecast so Golf Genius can properly be adjusted in time.


Last day to signup is Friday, August 14th!


This is dope! Can’t wait and think the more limited weekend will be a better move during this weird time. A couple things,

  1. Thanks for taking charge on this @MrVinegar206, I’m thinking up some ideas for a trophy or some swag and can focus there.

  2. Especially excited to step away from planning responsibility so I can focus more on competing. Specifically, firing Mr. @rabsie off into the sun after a summer of losing money to him. LETS GO.

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It’s my honor to raise our regional championship from the COVID ashes like the Phoenix. And we’ll get Idaho in next year!

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Moved to NIT Qualifier section. Will have qualifying spots, just TBD on how many! Great stuff - looks like a spectacular setting!

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Love it! The courses up here really are fantastic, fun golf with great visuals. @MrVinegar206 didn’t even post pics of the private Doak Course also on the property :wink:

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Damn, I’m supposed to be at Suncadia with my brother like a week before this.


Cheers, TC!

Well, that’s cause I can’t be hosting a bunch of guise over there for this…

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That’s sick! You guys going to get out anywhere else?

Don’t forget to hit up the sign-up sheet, @davidc

It’s all COVID-dependent. We’re supposed to play Chambers, Sand Point, and Gamble Sands the first week of August, while our kids go to summer camp together up there. Won’t know until July if plans are still on.


Looking forward to piling on the hurt at the championship - plenty of places I can ‘let my push cart get away from me’ on the slopes at Rope Rider & Prospector.


For sure, kind of a crap shoot right now. Holler if you need to fill out some groups! :sunglasses: (PNW Roll Call or however)

For sure. Hope to know by early July if the trip is happening.


Pinging everyone that has signed up so far… @I_have_the_yips @luckin11 @Mattyeds @Sarah @davidc @rabsie @KRApplebury @notjustinkaiser


Due to the Member-Member tournament moving to that weekend, we’re going to have to move it to Sunday, August 30th.

Additionally, the majority vote has decided that we are going to get 36 in for the PNW RACDG Championship.

If this date doesn’t work for you, or you can’t play 36, I’ll ask ya to remove yourself from the sign-up sheet.

The tee times I have saved at the moment are the 8am, 8:10, 8:20, and 8:30 at Prospector and the 1:30, 1:40, 1:50, and 2pm at Rope Rider, with the gap in-between for lunch and re-pairing if we want to do that. Obviously, I can adjust some things so we start at 1pm or something if we want to change that.

Lastly, @Tron, could you change the thread title so there isn’t a question mark and it reflects the date change to the 30th, please? With it in the NIT section, I’ve lost the ability to edit the title.


Sign-up Sheet:


Sorry Crew… Heading on a Family Vacation, Took my self off the List :frowning: I so wanted to play Suncadia


We’ll get back out there soon, no worries. Have fun on vacay! (post pics if you play any cool courses :wink:)

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I am in handicap purgatory, have a torn labrum and recovering shoulder dislocation, can’t break 80, but still a 0.1 index.

If I play with just seven clubs and no driver can I get strokes?

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Dude, no good. Fellow torn labrum victim here. No sugar coating…I’ve torn my meniscus (3x), my bicep, done an impingement clean-up, etc…the labrum was the worst. The recovery is just long.

Plan the surgery over the winter months? Makes the slow recovery slog a bit better knowing you aren’t missing much.

Also, my PT had a wedge in the office as some sort of tool he used with patients. During my labrum recovery (well into it), I grabbed it and started taking full swings behind his back. He caught me and the expression on his face was NOT a good one. Luckily, it felt great! He still wouldn’t release me to hit balls for another two months.

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You’ll have to talk to the Chair of our Handicap Committee, @MrVinegar206. Anymore recovery during the lockdown at least??

Also paging @cqueen, we haven’t played together in forever!

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You pinged?

Sounds like you shouldn’t be playing in this 36 hole day tourney! That would tear your shoulder apart!

Speaking of @cqueen, why hasn’t he signed up yet? And @inchmarlo?