Happy long weekend Electric crew! My wife and I will be staying in Philly next year for a month or two during the summer. Im already prepping my golf rota during our time there (because why the heck not). I have ran through a few threads to compile a working list of a few public spots that have been recommended in the past. Let me know if I’m missing any must see places, or if any on the list could be skipped. Some of the below are a little ways outside of the Philadelphia city limits, but coming from Chicago I don’t mind a little bit of a drive to hit some hidden gems.

On the list
Lulu Love CC
Jeffersonville GC
The Golf Course at Glen Mills
Paxon Hollow
Wyncote Golf
Galen Hall Golf Course
Cobbs Creek (if/when reopens)
Ballamor Golf
Makefield Highlands
Melrose Country Club
Raven’s Claw
Club At Shannondell
Makefield Highlands
Scotland Run
Broad Run Golfer’s Club
Pocono Manor Golf Course

Would be a dream to play
Schuylkill CC
Philly Cricket Club

Thanks in advance for the advice! Hope to meet some of you out on the course in the future.

Sláinte. (Shoutout Neil lol)


Shannondell can be skipped. It’s a fine value course, especially for a last minute tee time but nothing more.

Lederach, Turtle Creek, and Bella Vista all should be on that list IMHO.


I’ll second that Shannondell should be skipped. There’s nothing special there at all.

Melrose is quirky and there are still a few holes (maybe 3 or 4?) that might resemble what Perry Maxwell originally created, but poor maintenance and the road being built through it have changed it dramatically. You won’t miss much if you skip it.

And I don’t know if Lulu CC is allowing public any more. Since they rebuilt the clubhouse after the fire I believe they’re now fully private again.
Edit- Looks like they still allow public Monday - Wednesday! I stand corrected.

Good point. Melrose was in awful shape the last time I played it two years ago.

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It’s better than a couple of years ago…but not by much. Some trees cleared out along the edges and fairways seemed a little tighter, but my god the tee boxes are atrocious.

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Thanks everyone! Just really excited to experience a different golf vibe. I added Lederach, Turtle Creek, and Bella Vista to the list. Keep the suggestions coming love all the golf talk getting me through the work day.

Lots of info on these courses on my site, hopefully it helps.

@the.marc.christopher and I have a 7:48 tee time at Bella Vista for this Saturday morning. We need two more to fill out a foursome. Who wants to join?

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Welp looks like I won’t be working tomorrow! Thanks for sharing this. Going to be brushing up on the various courses on the list with this info. So much good stuff

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Some how I happened to click on the bulle rock review first…what a shame

I just went back to BR this season for the first time since that happened. Totally different place and had a blast. Will be writing about it soon.


Me me me!!
I’ll gladly join you guys.


That’s good to know as I didn’t play it when I lived in the Philadelphia area and have it on my list to play when I visit the area from Scotland in September.

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You’re in!


Hey everyone. Longtime NLU fan. Just joined the group and am looking forward to getting involved. I play all over the Philly/South Jersey area and am always down to get out. Looks like you all have a great group going!


Welcome! @MikeRevak can get you sorted in our Philly NLU Roost!

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Welcome!! I’ll add you into the Electric Phactory group so that you can actively comment on any threads we have going in the private chat. Those threads can be found here.

Feel free to check out some of what we’ve got going on! Give me a shout if you need help with anything!

Ditto this comment, long-time first-time would love to join the roost and participate in upcoming events.


Welcome @Ktroilo and @bhung04!

Welcome Brian! Check the post I just added above with the link to our Community Center hub. I’ve also added you to the private group so you can now post in any of those threads if you’d like. Looking forward to having you out sometime!