No worries at all! We’re up and running with two events under our belts as the Electric Phactory out of the Philadelphia, South Jersey and Delaware region. I’ll add you into the private group, but you can currently view all of the threads where we’re seeing the most action under Community Center, then Electric Phactory. From there, you’ll see the various event threads like The TC Way in Woodstown, NJ, The Race to the Steeplechase and our merchandise discussion in the very aptly named Electric Phactory Merchandise Discussion. It’s a lot to take in all at once so feel free to shoot me a DM if you need any help or guidance!

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Former Chester County resident and Edinburgh, Scotland, native here…

Did the West Chester driving range shut down? I used to practice there 2006-09 when I lived in the area. I was just looking at google maps and noticed that it looked like it had been dismantled. I suppose it’s a high value piece of land given the expansion of the town in recent years.

Tee It Up on 202? Yeah, it’s gone

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That’s the one. Yes.

New ball marks are ready for the season. :heart_eyes:


By chance is there a map floating around on here showing the public courses around Philly? I didn’t play much golf when I lived in the area, but I’d like to get a round in when I make a trip back to visit.

It looks like the “Member-fore-a-day” at Lulu would be the closest option, but much of my Google searching is leading to private courses.

head out to Norristown and play Jeffersonville.

Or over to NJ and play Penssauken.

Or up to Bucks and do Makefield Highland.


Glen Milly is my favorite and what @ChickPhilA said


Hi all, I finally decided to check out the NLU website after following along for the last few years. I’m over the bridge in South Jersey. I usually play my local public course (Pitman GC) and am taking lessons with Bob Cardea at Big Swing. I’ve played Riverwinds before, and would like to try a few other courses in the area this summer, most notably Running Deer and Town & Country. I’m usually playing as a single so I’d love to try to meet up with some more folks and hopefully get to play more this summer.


Been wanting to check out T&C ever since @7evanUP told me about it. Maybe we can get out sometime with @yungloudancolin and @the.marc.christopher too for a foursome.


I’ve said above in this thread, and in my bones, I know it to be true, the city is going to screw up the restoration of Cobbs. The powerful combination of incompetence, corruption, bureaucracy, and stupidity can not be overcome despite the best intentions and efforts of the folks working to get the restoration done. I hope I’m wrong about this, but here’s just another example… the F’ing Art Commission just voted 9-0 to deny permits. The ART COMMISSION!


In the last 10 minutes i have flip flopped so many times on this article. First, why is the art commission involved when their main gripe is environmental concerns. Initially I was pissed that they needed to demolish 100 acres of trees. Then I see that they ALREADY DID IT, and the majority of it was for creek restoration and flood control. Only 14 acres were for new buildings. And they had zoming board approval for the removal. After voting to deny permits, the commission says that the tree issue isn’t even in their scope of review. So what the hell is going on here.

You sir are correct that the city is going to screw this up. But my god, those renderings look sick. If only I trusted that half of that would be built in the next 10 years.


T&C is a trip. Had a good time there with the Philly roost two weeks ago.

@dleonard1122 and everyone else - the Philly Roost is a thing and our captain @MikeRevak has gotten us together 2 times so far (and a 3rd coming up this week). If you’re not a part of our Roost section of the message board give a holler and we can get you sorted so you can get in on the action.

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I just made my tee time for Friday at T&C. Excited to check out what I’ve been missing out on.

The trees thing is kind of a bummer, but the place was completely overgrown. And if the general public could accept that it’s actually a restoration of something that could conceivably be a great asset to the area (obviously the jury is still out on that) it makes a lot of sense. Old photos of the course look very different in terms of trees obviously. Also, honestly as a golfer seeing some of what it already looks like without the tree is SICK.

Can someone post up the article and/or pics? This is behind a paywall for me.

Open it incognito

Good call. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. Thanks.

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Y’all think some commissioners just looking for a little pocket change? As a native Detroiter, Philly bureaucracy and governance makes me feel like I never left home!

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Def let us know how you like 17 :laughing: