NYC Roost: RACDG NY Metro Club

NY/NJ/CT golfers (and anyone else in the northeast who doesn’t want to be associated with Boston or Philly… look we get it), welcome to one of the (RACDG) Original 6!

Some quick background, RACDG stands for the Royal and Ancient Company of Dishonorable Golfers. A golfing community created in these here halls (use that search to find out more). The NY chapter has been established for about 2 years now and just about a year ago we got ourselves very organized. We’re now an incorporated non-profit, we have a website and even have a deal with H&B for merch!

With that organization comes a small price. Starting last year we decided to create an official membership and charged dues to be involved. The dues this year will be $35 but please be aware that ALL dues go back into the club. We use them mainly for trophies and cash prizes at all of our events. So instead of paying a premium for an event you will pay the rack rate because all other costs will come from our coffers, we even look to subsidize some things like food and beverage. I promise you, you’ll get your monies worth!

Now for 2022:

We are going to have an official announcement of all our plans by the middle of January. We already have an outline of all our events and hopefully will have a few locked in by the time of the announcement. In addition to events, maybe the most enjoyable part of our club is the year long matchplay which you automatically get entered into as part of the membership. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!! We will be rolling out something new this year that I have high hopes for and the winners will qualify for the Roost Regional with a chance to represent us in the Roost Championship later this year. This plan is super Top Secret at the moment but we will have more detail when we announce next month.

Some other points:

  • We have a well established Whats App chat where most of the chatter happens. Warning in advance, it’s very active. I will post that in here after the holidays. You DO NOT have to join the chat to be part of this. We can have chatter in here and I will make sure to post all important items in here

  • We have our own GHIN! If you don’t have one already you can sign up through us here

  • All signups will happen through the site once we launch. Keep an eye out here for announcements.

  • I am open to alternate logos that represent the Roost aspect more. The Lady Liberty Sheep is a mainstay but alternate logos are always welcome for anyone creative enough to make one.

Please DM me if you have any questions. I’m sure I missed things and will try to update this post when needed.

Welcome to THE Roost. @MerchCzar’s not wrong, we got an attitude and we’re about to show everyone who’s boss.

Some things to get you excited…

Our logo:

Our Matchplay Championship belt, posted by @TomCoyne at our Bethpage event last year:

The Grazing Trophy:

And last but not least, the most sought after prize, The Sheep:


Thanks Captain!

Cant forget this years winner of the coveted Sheep!


Also dont forget to check out our instagram @racdg_nycmetro !

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Justin is not nearly as sexy as @ProB1 though

It this your way of trying to get me back involved again? Semester just ended


Thanks for setting this up! Winter golf get together? Most be somewhere still open near us all


Howdy ya’ll. I recently moved out east to Buffalo from Wisconsin and we were kinda left out by ourselves in the roost selections by the NLU dads this year so was hoping to join up with ya’ll for 2022 to #getinvolved. There’s a strong albeit small contingent of NLU’ers out here in WNY/CNY, happy to be the WNY liaison for the NYC Roost out here in this area, if need be.


@jsauce we welcome you with open arms! We have a solid contingent in the Albany area. I know that’s still a ways from Buffalo but would be pretty cool to figure out some sort of mid-state meetup. We’ve been talking for a long time about doing something at Turning Stone, maybe this is the kick in the pants we need.

Either way, feel free to run your own thing autonomously in WNY. You and I can figure out a way to bring us all together


In thinking about a roost specific logo I fell like a lower case n and y can be messed with to try and form into the shape of a rooster. The bit on top of the n forming a head, bottom of the y the feet and top right the tail. The rest of it forming a body. I do not have the talent or capability to create what I’m thinking about in my head in real life but someone might be able to run with the idea.


You have no idea how many times I’ve said this in the past 2 years


Excited about this and hopefully playing some competitive golf!!


and not just about your golf game :wink:


…but we’re ready to change that with the appropriate level of sponsorship


I could probably swing turning stone area. @jsauce and I will car pool! I’m going to try and play with either you guys and Ohio. I have a 4yr old and 3 month old. So time to be away for long is limited. And I travel for work so that knocks some time out. But I’ve always wanted to play at turning stone also.


Does the RACDG NY accept long distance/National members from the ranks of carpetbagging former yanks?

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Absolutely but with one exception, no Chaminade alumni. It’s why we banned @SeymourByrdees to Baltimore


Damn, this guy has the audacity to discriminate against the Catholics on Christmas Eve. Are you running to succeed Cuomo?

Messin with ya. Merry merry, folks!

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Are you leaving the DC Roost for NYC??

Nah I’m just gonna maintain long distance memberships in NY and Oklahoma. DC is the home base where I can pump up the handicap at EPGL and then sandbag thru the Nest tourneys :smiley:

I’ve found my home :relieved: I’m excited for some spirited competition with all of you fellow golf sickos. Happy New Year!