NLU & The Fliers Club Present The Dangerfield Caper - June 10, 2023

I registered thru TFC so got in a little earlier and booked a room at the Dune Crest Hotel for my wife and I . Thought it was a very reasonable price for the Cape.


The outdoor shower thing is an extra shower in addition to the indoor ones lol.

Going to hang at Trillium Brewing Fort Point the next day if anyone is in the area


I’m familiar with the joys of a post beach remove-the-sand-and-salt outdoor shower. The thing is, at least 2 of the airbnbs I looked at had no inside shower. I looked at all the photos, and there was a 1/2 bath with no room for a shower or tub, a bedroom, a galley kitchen, and lots of pictures of the outdoor shower. No thank you.

Outdoor showers are great, but I can certainly appreciate if it’s not your thing.

I’m from the mid cape area. Even when I ihead out to Truro and ptown, we usually stay up there. There’s a hotel in north Truro called the surf club. I’d check that place out. It being June I’m guessing they aren’t yet slammed.

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This is a good plan. Good beer and above average food options.

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Looks like I was a little late to try and sign up - have fun all!

If you make your way down to mass, I can host in Sharon near Gillette.

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