NLU Summer Festival: August 21, 2023 @ Erin Hills

Last summer we played 18 at Lawsonia in the middle of a trip that had 18, 27, or 36 holes every day for like 9 days straight (including three rounds at Erin sandwiched between 36 and 27 hole days) and my biggest regret from the trip is only playing Lawsonia once.


Alright, you guys have me convinced for the full Lawsonia go. I’ll ride, hit some advil Monday, and squeeze every last drop of golf goodness out of this trip. Appreciate you booking the tee’s cbass.
I’ll be driving out Saturday so plenty of time to rest between there and coming home Tuesday.
Probably do some more research on an AirBnB next week, so stay posted if you’re looking to room up for any combination of sat/sun/mon


Love this sentiment. I was going to play this whole thing cautiously given it’s my first NLU event and you are all strangers, but we’re walking the sicko path instead. Snaked the last spot in Cbass’s first foursome, thanks for booking that


I’m arriving Sunday, flying into O’Hare and then driving up from there. I’ll only be able get an afternoon round in that day but I booked a 1 pm foursome on the Links at Lawsonia. If anyone’s timing lines up with that feel free to toss it in the sheet to fill out the group.

I’m flying into ORD early Sunday morning and staying in Oconomowoc. I booked a foursome At nearby Lac La Belle so if anyone is also staying in that area and wants to hop in feel free

Where at? I need to take Sunday off from golf, but would come over there for some drinks and the putting course. I’ll be staying about 3 minutes away.

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Changing the itinerary to only Sunday night. So I’m in if we get some others. Kettle at sunset sounds pretttty nice.

Staying at the Townplace Suites

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I live 10 minutes from LLB and would also be interested in joining for a couple LaBelle Lagers


We had a spot open up and I have put the next person in line on the clock! 47:56:00 remaining… tick tock.


I’ll take it

If it’s open haha


This sounds like a party. I’m staying near by and I should be getting in sometime in the afternoon.

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Woodlands is not a bad course, by any means, but I would certainly play it first and Links second if that option was available. Building the day towards the Links and then finishing golf with this is the ultimate…

It is worth it for the extra golf (Kettle Loop and night putting) that you get, especially if you get the second round 50% discount.

I’m late to the party, but also very interested.

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