Nest Invitational Tournament aka NIT - Viiibbiiinnnggg

I’m going to assume that’s a flippant insult against a politician you don’t like because you’re too smart to actually think DeSantis is a moron. We can start a separate thread in order to avoid hijacking this one if you want to discuss more but I’d prefer to do it in person at the NIT.

Happy to get as deep into a bottle of Elijah Craig and Florida politics as you want. Just know the Republicans who got elected to statewide offices in 2018 have yet to have the cops called on them at South Florida hotels, which is less than Andrew Gillum and Nikki Fried (who I voted for) can say.

Some of the below people are really, really good people. Some of them are truly awful human-beings.

Topics and people to cover: Big Sugar/Lake O, the bias of the Miami Herald and Tampa Bay Times, Corrine Brown, Chris Dorworth, JD Alexander, Rick Scott, Charlie Crist, Jeff Brandes, Gillum, Alex Sink, Jeb, Adam Putnam, Dana Young, Jack Latvala, Dane Eagle, Nikki Fried, Jamal Sowell, Parkland/Broward County, Mac Stipanovich and I’m sure plenty more.

I will say, I’m a little ignorant when it comes to the Miami-Dade delegation.

Highest ranking since 2012. If we are undefeated when we play UGA I will need a chaperone. Last FL/GA’s have taken years off of my life.

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Look, I don’t really give a shit about people and their vices and I don’t hate on/shame people for living closeted gay/alternative lifestyles because of the fear that rattles them on a daily basis is unimaginable to me. That said, as a former “family had a house in Miami” kid, and someone who has spent considerable time in Florida, I can assure you the last thing I want to do is talk about Florida and her unscrupulous politics.

I would rather watch a 24-hour C-SPAN marathon in Korean with English subtitles than discuss these topics. We can surely do better.


Fair enough, but you’re the one who brought Florida politics into the NIT thread to start with. I’m just following your lead.

To be clear on one thing, I made no comments and don’t care about Gillum’s sexual preferences. Everyone in Tallahassee knew he was sleeping with people other than his wife when he was mayor. I hope the fact that it’s out in the open is good for him. His time as mayor of Tallahassee was still marred by corruption and Florida’s better off with DeSantis as its governor.

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Hey guys, was just popping in because looking at getting travel sorted out. Right now looking at flying in Thursday AM and out Sunday PM. I figured people would be planning some extra golf, but don’t see it here. Is there another thread?

Also, I am very far removed from how things are progressing in the US right now. I can’t tell whether people are being super cautious or whether it is this select group. I have been in a bubble and being tested every 4-5 days for the last 1.5 months so will be weird for me to be back home next week.

In this vein, might be dumb to ask, but is anyone interested in sharing housing?

That said, I’m looking forward to picking up clubs again and getting ready for the Big Cedar event as a warm up for NIT!!


The governor of Florida opened bars back up this week, so I’d say that at the very least it seems like the cautious thing to do would be to limit interactions with locals and avoid crowded local establishments. From a shared housing perspective, that may make certain Airbnb setups with 2-3 others more “isolated” than certain hotels, depending on what you’re comfortable with.


I’m down to play Sunday. I’m driving down from Ohio so I’m leaving early on Wednesday. I’ve got my hotel room booked already or I’d have considered an Air BnB.

That’s a solid warm up for Jax Beach.

That’s aggressive…where/what is that?

I’d be down to play Sunday, just depends on what my final travel plans/partners are (driving down from Charlotte, leaving sometime Sunday).

Also would consider a AirBNB, depending on Space/Inhabitant ratio.

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I believe @JCO, @Hwhite, and @OffTheDole are putting together an event at White Oak Plantation Thursday afternoon. I’ve never played there, but it’s supposed to be awesome.


Planning for some extra golf Thursday before the NIT welcome event that night!

Take a look at the Pre - Invitational at White Oak thread, we’d love to have ya!

My apologies for being here awhile but still having no clue how to link a thread.




And this is why we are friends, thanks for the help.


This is always great advice in FL pandemic or otherwise lmao.

6 feet apart because covid and crabs :wink:


I was gutted to read that a dress code will be enforced at this event, especially at a municipal course. Municipal of course being derived from the Latin municipalis: “pertaining to a citizen of a free town, of a free town.”

@Lazstradamus and I are likely to engage in some old-fashioned civil disobedience.


As much as people here are freedom-loving and all that, considerations had to be made for Florida Man, who notoriously pushes the boundaries of what would be considered acceptable attire.

Nobody wants to see a mesh tank top, Daisy Duke shorts, and Crocs golf shoes on a dude out here.


Jax Beach Golf Course: Concealed carry allowed (with permit), but it must be concealed by a collared shirt. And don’t you DARE come around here in those cargo shorts.


Frankly, if nobody wears a Randy Moss Vikings jersey at Jax Beach I’ll be upset with the lot of you.


Talk to DJ about that :slight_smile:

Fine I will be staying home