Nest Invitational Tournament aka NIT - Viiibbiiinnnggg

Did not find a specific NIT thread going so started this one for updates. Obviously, everything is up in the air at this point.

Feb 10th - Rustic Canyon, 4 spots taken
Feb 22nd - Alamo Event, 1 spot taken
March 14th - Carolina Swig & Swing, 1 spot taken
??? - Scotland, 6 spots available
??? - Maxamania event, 2 spots available
Week of May 21-24 (Colonial week- rescheduled 6/11-14) - Fort Worth, spots available not mentioned
May 23rd - Milwaukee, 4 spots available
June 5th-6th - Greenville, SC (BMW Pro-Am - cancelled for 2020), 4 spots available
June 8th-14th - Boston/Maine (Portland, ME KFT event - cancelled for 2020), 4 spots available
June 18th-21st (US Open week - rescheduled 9/17-20 ) - Flushing Meadow Pitch 'n Putt, 4 spots available
SUPER REGIONAL August 7th-9th - Gearhart, OR, 12 spots available
August 20th-23rd - Chicago (BMW Championship week - rescheduled 8-27-30), 4 spots available
SUPER REGIONAL September 12th-13th - Sweetens Cove, 12 spots available
Early October - Columbus (Dennison), 4 spots available
NIT - November 6th-7th - Jax Beach Golf Club, 96 person field

Postponed to April 2021 - MacKenzie, Scotland (opposite field event), 1 spot available

2020 NIT Qualifiers:

Rustic @TravReid
Rustic @Lazstradamus
Rustic @Brick-Tamland
Rustic @kruges
Alamo @bmb430
Alamo @Hala-Mark-Rey
Charlotte @Badatgolf


You’re making the Hero World Challenge look like a full field event right about now


Yeah, I should mention that the NIT title also comes with a spot in the Hero.



25 years ago or so the USGA puts out the qualifying sites for the US Open and the first site is in Minneapolis. My friend is a scratch-ish player, big money gui but not huge on the amateur scene. Anyhow, he signs up and gets the first tee time. Day of the qualifier he birdies the first hole. I think he leaves right then and there claiming that for one brief moment in time, he has led the US Open and nobody can ever take that away from him.



Sorry, guis but given the COVID situation, we’ve cancelled all NIT events and qualifications. We’ll see you in 2021 and start all over.

I guess I better add: NOT ACTUALLY OFFICIAL

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Updated OP with adjacent PGA Tour and Korn Ferry Tour event date changes.

Is the Milwaukee event back on now that courses are opening? How can I sign up?

The MacKenzie in Scotland (the opposite field event) was obviously cancelled.

It has been postponed for 12 months and the 2020 Tournament is now taking place in April 2021.

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That’s not the one listed here, right? Was it ever granted qualifying spots?

the MacKenzie was granted 1 qualifying spot for the winner, as per a post from Big Randy.


Course may be opening, but I’m guessing they still don’t want people to come from out of state to golf. Will have to await official news from NLU, but I highly doubt it will happen in May.

I believe there was also a spot given out for the BBQ event in North Carolina.
Plus @Hala-Mark-Rey C-Suited into the NIT while in San Antonio so you can add that to the list.


Totally get that. Just wanted to get my name on the list in case it happens then or on an alternate date.


Charlotte - @Badatgolf


Thanks! I remember his AMA now.

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If I recall correctly, the Nest pod from March indicated they may dig a bit deeper for qualification on some of the already completed events and future events.

Unrelated, @CrucialTaunt and I finished in a tie for 2nd in Charlotte by virtue of meeting our quota (it was a bloodbath out there).


I thought it was the group that finished first…or did I mishear that?


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Or let’s settle it with a Zoom game of GOLO?