Music Suggestions 2 - driving fast in my car

Rumors of a MoBo return fueled by a new crewneck sweater on their merch site that says “The Return of Modern Baseball”. Trying to keep excitement in check


Based on a recent conversation I had with one of them I’d be very surprised if this happens anytime soon. Pretty sure it’s just an old merch re-up, unfortunately

This is what a friend of mine suggested too and seems to be the prevailing thought. Was nice to be momentarily hopeful!

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Had a great two days in Detroit.


Happy Hot Mulligan day. These song titles :joy:


Two songs in and loving it. Not a lot of bands that still hit for me four album releases in.

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Oh geez I was not ready for Betty this early

Neither was I. Immediately went and snuggled with my dog. Then I had to listen to Smahccked My Head Awf and I cried all over again! Great!

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Going to see The Killers for the first time tonight. I have been wanting to see them for a long time.


Watching Encino Man on antenna and this song rules

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Incredible! You got Not Now for the first time in almost 9 years

Can’t wait for next Friday.

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Scrolling through this thread, I know that what I’m about to say is not the vibe.

The new Jonas Brothers album is really fun.

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The Spotify algorithm has recently gifted me a band called Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird which name alone is pretty sick. First songs I heard were called Bluestone and When This Is Over which were both kind of uplifting but there’s generally a lot of variation across their albums :ok_hand:t2:
2 years on I remain obsessed with the Wolf Alice album, Blue Weekend.
Also love driving to anything by The War on Drugs

Make sure you show up in time for Beaty School Dropout. They go hard.

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I read and loved the idea of full album listening back when you posted this and It recently bubbled back in my brain.

I’ve decided to take a break from podcasts and sports talk radio (my current commute filler) and use this time to instead expand my musical awareness and knowledge etc.

Forgive me if I missed it earlier in this thread but has a Favorites / Must Listen full Album List been generated here on the refuge yet that I could use as a starter ?? Or should I get one going?

I would love input from everybody, spanning all genres

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Get loud.

As is tradition


I knew I liked Empire of The Sun but I like them a lot more than I realized. Have just had their stuff playing on Amazon Music/Spotify and it’s just a solid vibe.


Dan Croll’s new album is excellent. I need some more listens to see where I rank it against his others but it might be his best work yet.

Favorite track -