Maxamania IV (M4X) - May 11, 2024 - Detroit(ish) MI

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Sickos alike. I present for your viewing pleasure

Back for the 4th time, still benefiting the GFPD and one of our own, Mr. @tchap80, I present the @FreshCoastFlock 's major event, Maxamania IV (M4X)

The grains of time keep flowing and nothing remains the same forever so we have some changes for this year. For a myriad of reasons, we’ll be at a new location - the Donald Ross designed Warren Valley Golf Course in Dearborn Heights MI. They’ve just completed a course renovation on 18 of their 36 holes and working through plans for their remaining 18. We’ll have the available 18 to ourselves as we again have the entire course rented out for the day!
The course is a short drive from downtown and the airport - but a bit closer to Ann Arbor for those interested in turning their trip into a multi-day event. This change in location has allowed us to reduce entry fees to $160 per person!
Separately, we will again be able to offer pre-golf for interested parties at UofM’s golf course. This will be a bit more ad-hoc, setup as the event gets closer and total interest is gaged. Those costs are not included above - please indicate your interest on the signup.

To our winners, NIT spots are in play, watch this space. Last year we had two qualifiers!


Who: You! We have 72 spots open for a full field.
Where: Warren Valley Golf Course in Dearborn Heights MI
When: Saturday, May 11th. Course opens at 7am, Tee off will be appx. 9:30a
Cost: $160 gets you 18 in the AM, and as much golf as your heart (and daylight) permits in the PM, plus tee gifts, breakfast, lunch, and prizes to our winners. Last year I was able to get around 60 holes in. Can someone beat that?
Charity: The Global Foundation for Peroxisomal Disorders ( Last year we raised over $2,500 - let’s do one better.

Payment: Venmo @mrlatham88 , last 4 7741. Please include M4X Registration and your Refuge Handle in the notes. Please pay at signup if you can, but payment is otherwise due March 15th - at which point we’ll start pulling from the waitlist as necessary.
Refund Policy: Life happens, but sadly $$ never stops. Full refunds issued before March 15, 50% refund after that point.

There will be an associated raffle! If you’re interested in buying tickets check tab 2 of the signup excel. Raffle tickets are $5ea. Raffle tickets should be purchased separately than your registration, please venmo to your preferred amount of tickets and indicate M4X Aux and your Refuge Handle in the notes. Please DO NOT include the word raffle.

→ We are also looking for donors to contribute additional items to the raffle - please support your Roost, your community, and the GFPD by donating items if you can (reach out to me directly if you have items to offer).

Unknown Golf Event Signup Here

Once you signup you will be added to the waitlist. Upon payment I’ll slide you into the active list. Those of you who already signed up to the excel will need to also sign up into the UKG registration - DM me with any questions or hiccups.

At some point shortly this will become an Unknown Golf event, but in the meantime please signup via the traditional excel file here:

Approximate Schedule of events:
9:30a - Tee off for 18 holes of Quota play. Overall winner of the morning round to be awarded Prize #1 (NIT Spot + Cash Prize). 2nd and 3rd place finishers to be awarded (Cash Prize).
12:30 - Food arrives and can be brought to the course as you finish your quota round or enjoyed afterwards on the patio
2p - Horse race championship for top qualifying players. Horse Race winner to be awarded Prize #2 (possibly NIT Spot?).
Afternoon (2p onwards) - The course is ours! I’ll look to setup a minor organized game for people who crave structure, but feel free to peel off with your newly met best friends and play as many additional holes as your heart desires.
8p END - Everything needs to be turned in to the clubhouse. Sunset is 8:30, so it’d be dicey to play much after this point anyway. I bet there’s at least one of you sickos who can get 72 holes in one day!

We’re so back.


It appears we cannot edit the boxes re U of M golf, afternoon golf, etc.


Love it.


try now


Also, afternoon Derby?

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absolutely in play. TBD

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Hell yeah! LFG! Never been to Warren Valley. Excited to check a new course off the list.

@IT-to-Green if you want to bring those ugly-ass PRGR irons, I’m sure we can duel in the afternoon, lol


Did Warren Valley go through a lapse in ownership or something? The images on google maps make it look abandoned haha.


yeah, currently renovating the course after some issues. One 18 open, the second in progress. On the plus side, this kept some of our course rental fees down :person_shrugging:


We gotta teach @Manhattan what “existential” means


Someone bring a hole cutter and we can play some true Scottish golf

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You’re not joking…I live not far from Warren Valley but haven’t played there in many years mostly due to the condition. My buddy ran a league there last year and was telling me it was much improved, just haven’t gotten back yet. Your post piqued my interest so I pulled a newer aerial than what google has. This should put folks at ease.
2022 image on the left, 2023 on the right:


Been waiting for this post.

Can’t wait to try to shoot better this year. Last year was a tough scene out there.


Wow. You love to see it.

Can’t wait to check out the new course!

Slightly sad we no longer have any use for a ripoff Detroit Zoo logo


Oh sure, now you volunteer logo work. Where were you two weeks ago when I was asking???


Sick man, appreciate the updated photo. I know a few people were :face_with_raised_eyebrow: when I said this place was an option, but your image proves it.

I do hope to get out there myself (and/or send a lucky FcF volunteer) in the coming weeks and take some on-course photos to continue to show the reno work and put minds at ease

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I was going to go with something a lot darker for myself when i wrote that, but then I second guessed myself

Plus, nails on a chalkboard for hours on end? The shivers down you spine non-stop? that sounds pretty terrible

Must’ve missed it, happy to help if you have any ideas!