Heavyweights: Thicc Boys of the Refuge Unite!

Has anyone picked up running as a legit hobby now? I’ve always wanted to run but have been too heavy to really do so. Also got diagnosed with AVN a little over five years ago, so running isn’t ideal. However, I made a promise to myself to run a 5k now that I’m down 110 pounds. I did that a couple weeks ago in Birmingham at the Mercedes 5k. I’ve found myself really enjoying running and the benefits that have a come along with it. Sights are set on the Peachtree 10K on Fourth of July. We recently got a peloton and while I do enjoy it, it doesn’t make me feel as a satisfied as a good run.

Is there a NLU running thread? I’ve found the world of content for running is mainly for those who run Marathons and Ultras. Wish there was something more aligned people like myself.

Anyways, hope all the thicc fellas are hanging in there now that we are on day 51 of 2023.


Congrats! We were in Birmingham that day for Monster Jam. I did pick up running at around 250 lbs and progressed all the way up to attempting* the 2018 Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville. Unfortunately I was still really slow, as you might expect at 235-ish pounds and got swept off the course at the 18 mile mark.

I would be conscious of knee/ankle/hip health if you stick with running long term. As I’ve mentioned before in this thread I’ve got a bum ankle from an ATV injury in my teens and running really accelerated the damage. That is like 90% my fault I’m sure, but bears consideration for us thicc boys.


Well fuh huck me, shout-out The Gentleman. I worked my harder tonight than I have in about a week.

I’ve been increasing weights incrementally each week and each day I lift I do a different “heavy” lift. Tonight was squat night. I did full 10 reps of 165 (easy), 185 (okay a little tough), and 205 (my heaviest lift and felt like my heart would explode).

Im feeling very proud of myself. Plus I work with a buddy of mine and he asked me how my working out is going because I look like I’ve put on more muscle. I’ll take that.


Been in the wilderness a bit lately, up about 15 from my lowest point a little more than a year ago. Things could be worse, but it’s still been discouraging. Trying to cut myself off from bad food decisions and just work on forming healthier diet/exercise habits rather than setting hard goals right now. I need to focus on the fact that I’m still down like 80 lbs, not on how things have been tough lately.


You got this! 80 lbs is awesome!


After bottoming out at 198 a couple years ago down from 250, and then 205 last year down from 220, I yo-yo back up to 226 this winter and am working it back down. The combo of grad school, work schedule, and family life have challenged my ability to rely on working out to drive weight loss, and maybe that’s a good thing for my diet habits.

So here is my latest update since late January:

Trying to take it slow and steady, working out mostly on the weekend when I find time, but primarily just being mindful of diet and daily standing/moving.


Just checking in. We have had a stressful couple of weeks, so our diets & routines have not been stellar, but somehow we’re holding it together enough to stay steady and on a downward trend. I’m sitting at 10 lbs down since start of year, and I’m satisfied with that given all that’s gone on and my level of effort. Still trying to get into a good workout schedule but will need to get the new car before I can build on that.


I’ve realized I always make the same stupid fucking face when I’m done at the gym. I can confidently say I love working out Saturday mornings. No one really in the gym and I can just get the day started right.

Quick update: I’ve still not lost any weight (mega frustrating) but I know I am gain muscle and am a lot stronger than I was 2 months ago. I met with a doctor this week to go over my total health and talked a lot about weight loss. We covered so many things and we are doing a 2 month trial of Phentermine 37.5. I’m a bit nervous about because people I know have had some issues using it with high blood pressure and feeling too jittery. I’m 2 days in and so far so good. I’m limiting my caffeine intake to not send my system into overdrive. Here’s hoping this helps spark some weight loss in my system.


That’s interesting. I didn’t realize oh enter mine was still used. Keep us updated on how it works.

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Just checking in with a humble self pat on the back. Weighed in today at 218.3. Which means I’m down 22.7 pounds since the end of November / beginning of December. Also the first time I’ve been below 219 since I have know no idea when!!


Well hit my first goal of the year. When making my goals this year weight loss and overall better health was my number 1 priority, ideally to help my golf game, but also to just be healthier. I’ve hit 9 weeks of 3 days in the gym specifically focusing on strength training. I have a good workout at home but don’t have any weights so any time I couldn’t make it to the gym I wouldn’t count it towards the 3 times a week.

So far I down to 252.4, down from 263.8, at my official weigh in with the doctor. I know I’m putting on muscle and getting much stronger overall.

Next goal: 9 weeks with 4 days of working out. I need to find a way to add 1 more day a week and going to push myself. Hopefully weather continues to improve and I can count a round of golf as the 4 day as well


Been out of practice for 6 months. This felt awful and amazing at the same time. Time to get my shit back together. 265 is a big number!


One of my OrangeTheory games is to avoid 13 splat points because it’s bad luck! (Actually it’s to push myself above :joy::joy::joy:)


Literally got that friggin point as the last all out came to an end. :joy:

I’ve actually been doing all inclines for the last 5-6 weeks instead of running and I feel it’s helped me when I walk 18. The running cardio is nice, but need to build up the base and challenge myself for when it comes down to it that I can walk and still make the same swing on 18 as I do 1.


I try to powerwalk at least once a week - feel like it’s getting me stronger for walking 18 for sure!


@Sarah here we go again.


I had a close call the other day!