Heavyweights: Thicc Boys of the Refuge Unite!

Been kicking this idea around for a bit. Decided while I was scarfing ice cream on my couch at 9:30 last night that I would pull the trigger today.

I’m much fatter than I should be and it’s starting to wear on me. I generally avoid the scale and let how my pants fit do the talking but I checked in at 239 pounds this morning. That is too many pounds. Ideally I like to operate in the 200-210 range but at this point its been quite a few years of creeping upwards since I’ve been there.

So I’m starting this thread as a sort of public shaming/community support group. I am guessing by the demographics we have around here that there are some others in a similar boat. And if we can help each other shed a few, that’d be just one more cool thing about this place.

Tell us how much you weigh, or don’t. Tell us you are trying to drop a few pounds and why. Tell us you used to be fat and now you aren’t. Tell us you are fat and you like being fat, outline the benefits of the girth. We all know how to lose weight, so we don’t really need the calories in vs. calories out discussion or to get down in the weeds on workouts. But tell us what has worked and what hasn’t or what you are currently trying.

I’m 6’ tall and almost 35 years old. I want to lose 40 lbs. I want to be able to crawl around with my 7 month old without my back giving me fits. I want to be able to fit into all the clothes in my closet. I want to be able to swing a golf club without having to suck my gut in. I want to not get winded and sweaty doing simple tasks. But mostly I want to live longer and feel better. I’m gonna report in on here semi-regularly with updates and hope people will do the same.

Google Doc to Sign up for a friendly weightloss pool is below:


God, I fucking love this movie so much.


“Congratulations, Mr. Simms. You are the fattest boy on The Refuge.”


Watching how older movies made fun of fat kids is interesting.

Fat kids in the 80s, were nowhere near what fat kids are today.

We have a problem.

I’m not fat, but i am starting to get a little skinny fat.

Fellow fat ass here! I’m pretty much in the exact same boat as you.
235 lb, 5’11’’, 42 years old.

Do you want to start up a Biggest Loser or something equally annoying?

I want to drop 35 by the end of the year.

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“Put your fat finger down!”

I went from 212 down to 175. took me drinking less, actually going to the gym not just saying I was going, and eating more salads less fried chicken. Less booze and Cardio were my best friends for 2018.


“Attention campers, lunch today has been cancelled due to lack of hustle… deal with it”


“Wake up Refugees. It’s a glorious morning! Today is evaluation day. The key word here is ‘value’. Do you have any? Not yet, but by the end of this year this thread is going to be full of skinny winners!”


I am down for whatever. Bets, biggest loser, all of it. Someone posted on twitter the other day a website called HealthyWage, where you can wager a certain amount to lose x amount by a certain time. Not sure how it works but I’ve considered that.
Just need a kick in the ass.

Get on the scale, step off the scale.

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Sup Mayor Pete



“did he say skinny wieners?”

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I will be here to fire off Heavyweights quotes for motivation.

And just so you all know…

“Lunch today is cancelled…due to lack of hustle.”

“Islanders fan huh? Team of the future, I’d say”

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Your friend and counselor

What’s up guys, don’t think I’d call myself a “fat ass” but I’m definitely on the larger side. I’m 6’ 2", weighing around 250, age 23. My college lacrosse game weight (in the best shape of my life) was never below 240, but I’m sliding from a 36 into a 38 waist rn (don’t feel great about that). Never was really below 220 in high school, so my “shape” hasn’t really changed for a while now. Weight fits the frame well, if you look at me, and you’re not a fellow big man, usually people guess that I weigh like 210. But fellow big men know. I keep active, bike everywhere all the time, play competitive soccer twice a week, and walk all of my golf holes. Never really feeling the “effects” of my weight as others may, but I want to protect the longevity of my (already-damaged) knees.

Some days I think about losing weight, but never really find the motivation to make a plan and stick to it (I don’t feel like I have to, you know? I’m happy as is.) Plus, feels like people feel pretty secure around me, which is a good thing.

Plus, eating is fucking awesome.


you probably know my father Tony Perkis Sr. “The Lighting Fixture King”


Set it up. Let’s gooooo!

"Some of you from Western PA might know my father, Tony Perkis Sr “The lighting fixture King” "