Heavyweights: Thicc Boys of the Refuge Unite!

Hell yeah, man! Look at that glide path…super consistent. Congratulations.


I jumped on this thread a few months back and was 260 - wanted to help my golf swing so I eased up on powerlifting and did intermittent fasting and started running - down to 240 boys! Still thicc but maybe dropped a C :joy:


I was consistently dropping lbs until this weekend. Overdid it with pizza and cake for my son’s 6th birthday. Going to get back after it starting today. Still down 20 lbs in 2 months which is awesome, but I was so close to 25. I’m loving the support and camaraderie here.


Has anyone else struggled with post-golf fatigue? I’m just getting into the swing of my season here in MN. This winter I did 2-3 Fit for Golf workouts a week, dropping around 7lbs and 1-2% of body fat (need to work on my calories). I tend to do 1-2 cardio sessions a week during the winter.

My home course is a tough walk, usually about 7 miles with some hillage, but with adequate water (usually over 64 oz/round), snacks, and using a remote powered push cart, I find I can barely keep my eyes open after 18 holes. Yesterday I walked 27 and almost fell asleep at dinner. I also am alcohol free for 90+% of my golf.

On Fit for Golf’s site and podcast, these a lot of talk about what fatigue is and how it’s not necessarily from poor cardio fitness but also from muscle fatigue. Unfortunately the answer is probably mostly lose more body fat to help, but this year feels more noticeable than others and I’m theoretically in better shape.


Can confirm, I find it’s largely related to sun exposure, even during early season. Never underestimate how much energy the sun will suck out of you, even riding 18 instead of walking.


Roll call…

How’s everyone doing this week?

I settled into a new belt notch this week and hit a new low for this stint of loss. Feeling great and in a good place with diet and activity with the nice weather.

Goal: sub-200 by end of June when we go to Italy. Outlook: positive (currently 204).


Not sure how I’ve never seen this thread but glad I found it!

Not sure what triggered it but a few months ago I finally said screw it and started intermittent fasting. Always struggled with my weight swings my entire life but finally crested 260 and something snapped in me. Been doing a 12-8 eat window and sort of limited carbs unintentionally. Did you know bread has lots of calories?

My goal was to get to the 220s by the end of this month and I’m 230.2 this morning. I’m going to have a set back this weekend with my dads birthday and the holiday weekend but I’ve proven to myself I can fast a little more aggressive the week after and have little to no effect on overall loss. Which has been huge for me mentally.

I think the biggest thing I’ve also proven to myself is just how important diet is. I have done almost zero workouts in the last 3 months and I’ve lost 30lbs or so. I’ve also enjoyed my daughters first birthday or dinners out occasionally and not let it ruin me or feel bad.

The only thing I’m really struggling with is working out. Idk why but I’ve had zero motivation to do physical activity. Im not slouching around the house or anything. I work a desk job from home but once the day ends I’m chasing my 1 year around. Doing yard work or house chore stuff and then maybe relaxing for a few minutes before I go to bed. I need to force some resistance or cardio work in somewhere. I’m just really struggling with where.

What are everyone’s thoughts on Fit For Golf? I follow him on Instagram and it’s not like it would be expensive to try. But wondering if it’s worth it at all for the structure or just should I google stuff?


I hit a new belt notch as well! Congrats man. I’m hanging in there as well. A bit disappointed at my rate of loss over the past month but I’m not going to let that affect how I choose to eat. Veeeery excited to see 21X on the scale again. I was hoping my last weigh-in yesterday would be the day but maybe next week.


I feel you on exercise. I’m consistently falling into the mindset that I’ll workout when I lose all the weight I want which makes zero sense. Also my 3 year has completely eliminated my ability to work out early in the morning by suddenly waking up an hour earlier every day.