Heavyweights: Thicc Boys of the Refuge Unite!

If I recall correctly, there isn’t a buy in, because the point is to encourage each other to lose weight.

We need to save our money for vintage golf clubs and Daily Deals of the Day opportunities.

Besides if we hit our goals, we are going to need to buy some new clothes.


Signed up for 1/15!

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The first time around there was a buy-in ($25?). Those who hit their target weight split the total pot. I’m good doing that again, or not… the most important thing to me is having some accountability and you guise are providing that for me.

I was thinking of this back when there were only 2 people signed up. I don’t mind doing $25 if that gins up interest.

However, I’d also recommend a free option as I wouldn’t want to discourage anyone from joining in the quest to get healthy.

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Went ahead and signed up! I appreciate the work done on the spreadsheet. It will be nice to have those scheduled weigh-ins as a reminder to have accountability, plus a specific number to strive for. Thanks again!

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Running a little study here at work with our weight loss and hormone work. A quick question for any of you who have lost more than 10% of their body weight in the last 6 months:

  • I have lost distance
  • I have not lost distance
  • I haven’t played enough to know, because I live in Minot, ND (or somewhere cold.)

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Old bump here, but what was that process like for you? How long, activity levels, etc. Are you still regularly fasting?

I’ve been easing my way into IF, and am looking for any anecdata … plateaus, major humps, tips, etc. I went from a pretty fit 185 at the beginning of last year up to 213 as of this morning when I officially started the 16:8. Assuming this is doable I might go 20:4 in March.

I’m working out with crossfit and rucking, so keeping things balanced and keeping away from serious bonks in athletic things will be the challenge. IF and eating real clean seem like a logical way to shed weight. And then there’s a bunch of information that makes it seem like IF (or at least times of caloric deficit) is just a cleaner/more appropriate way to approach food for long-term health.

Still do IF every day. Usually around a 5 hour window. I’ll eat usually around 4:00, do my workout around 5:30, do a protein shake after and then eat my main meal around 8-8:30, I could easily handle a smaller window hunger wise but its tough for me to hit my protein quota on anything much smaller without just going whey shakes.

My activity level is pretty high. Usually hit about 10 miles walked, lift weights 3 days a week, and play indoor and outdoor soccer 2-3 times a week. Energy levels are never an issue, unless i’m eating a a decent size deficit trying to shred down a little, and then my lifts can tend to struggle. Also feel like my energy levels are much more consistent throughout the day, no spikes and crashes, especially when I stay away cheap carbs and focus my meals around a good protein source and some healthy fats, and usually an apple or handful of berries.

Hunger and the urge to feel like you need to eat goes away faster than you’d think, I don’t even really think about it now until its close to time to workout and I remember I should do my first meal. Black coffee has been a big help too.

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This is helpful, thanks. The hunger piece is the easiest animal to tame for me, and I definitely look forward to the energy changes. Part of that is also staying active, I think.

One thing I haven’t seen is how long-term IF folks react to non-IF days (e.g. days you decide to hit the church pancake breakfast with the family, or walk through the rib cook off at noon) – notice any change in how your body reacts that day or the following days?

Nothing major that I can think of. The only thing I notice different if I do something like you mentioned, which I do, especially on golf days for whatever reason, is wanting to eat sooner than I normally and feeling hungry early in the day and some times feel a little crash, which gets me feeling like I need to crush some fruit or cereal to get back where I was.

I’m enjoying the IF talk! I hated skipping breakfast so i switched to skipping dinner. I eat a big breakfast, and regular lunch. I find I sleep better ,as well, not being too full.

Wanted to pop in here and give a big thank you to @HaveOuimet and the whole original crew for starting this thread.

I stumbled across this right around Thanksgiving, had ballooned to 260 - over 10 pounds more than my previous high. Had just come from a doctor’s appt and he was…not happy. Scheduled a follow-up for end of Feb.

In that time, thanks to the initial push given by this thread among other things, I have lost 33 lbs and counting (hopefully!). Doctor was very impressed by the progress and how I got here. The journey is not over, to be sure - if I saw him for the first time at my current weight he’d still have said “I want you to lose 20 lbs”.

But I am healthier by all measures, feeling better about myself, fitting back into my clothes, etc. and I don’t know if I would have gotten here without the community on here.


Congrats and keep it up!

February definitely slowed my progress. Didn’t stick to my diet for Super Bowl and the San Antonio Duel. March is going to be work hell, so it’s all going to be work, sleep, eat, and exercise… Unfortunately very little golf.

That’s awesome to hear, great job!!

congrats. whats been the key to your success so far? diet, working out? great to hear.

Very diet focused. Been getting to the gym, too, which helps of course but I’ve gone a couple stretches without and has not slowed my weight loss much. At the risk of violating “No Free Ads” I’m doing “F-Factor” - which is basically a high fiber/low carb platform.

There’s a free app to track all of your consumption. They give you a daily minimum grams of fiber and maximum net carbs (total carbs - total fiber).

You learn little tricks like the Trader Joe’s low carb wraps instead of bread, Quest bars are v. good for more substantial snacking, lots of carrots and avocados for fiber, broccoli, green beans, etc.

Vodka and Whiskey are allowed (somehow 0 net carbs). Beer is not good. Going out for dinner kind of sucks because you always end up with a salad or like simple protein + veg.

The net carb tracking really helps curb extraneous and irresponsible snacking. Like today - there were Oreos in my office. I looked at the package - 21 net cabs in 2 oreos. I get 36 net cabs for a day. Makes it a lot easier to resist when you put it that way. Or last week heading home late from work. “I want a slice of pizza.” Looks up 1 slice cheese pizza 32 Net carbs. “Welp. Guess not.”


That’s great to hear. Congrats to you and I’m glad this thread is still paying dividends. I too, am indebted to @HaveOuimet for creating this. It came along at just the right time for me. It’s been a couple months since the end of the first challenge and I’m still at or below where I was when we finished.


Lets not give @HaveOuimet too much credit. I can see his head expanding from here

EDIT: He’s my accountability coach right now and I’m down almost 20lbs since New Years Day… but still, he sucks!

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Love seeing this thread pop up again. Nice job @brutalbaum .

I am in the same boat as @tbova holding steady at the weight I lost during the first go round. I have plans to shed a few more pounds but have been sitting at 210 (down from 242) since the end of last year.
Seems to be plenty of fresh faces on the Refuge lately. Maybe we will snag some more if we get some new posts in here.

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This is a very tough job. @HibernatingBear does all the work and loses all the weight and sends me a text message with his weight once a week or so. I tell him good job and then I try not to eat a bunch of Girl Scout cookies out of my pantry.