Heavyweights: Thicc Boys of the Refuge Unite!

First all-lefty duel, first all-thiccboy duel…


Busting all the Refuge barriers like a couple of Kool Aid guis…



I suspect we each have felt the silent shame of having our new playing partner tell us, “I keep looking over and thinking I’m playing with Mickelson,” and knowing they don’t mean our short game.


Hefty lefty^2 Duel


The logo is the penguin, just backwards


We have a small group who started last week, with a 12% goal, so when the second group joins in with a 1/15 signup deadline (9% goal) everyone is accounted for with the same April end date.

As I guess you saw, so far there are 6 of us in the December sign-up group (including you).

We haven’t done the Paypal or Venmo thing yet for round 2. I’ve volunteered to administer but also acknowledging I’m not one of the more OG/core Refugees I understand if the collective group would rather someone else hold the money.

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@brutalbaum Is there still room to sign up? Doesnt matter which group I would be in just looking to join in!

Interested in losing some weight/fat, any interest in a body fat percentage goal? Goal could be lose 25% of your current body fat % so from 20-15% is an example. 15%-12% 30-22.5%?

(Don’t want to hijack)

I could be in on that, I’ve lost a ton of weight in the last 2 years but still chubby, I’m down to take on the BMI challenge

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BMI is a bit faulty, body fat percentage (in my opinion) is a better way to go. Tougher to get the measurements though

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Either way I’m down, I’ll DM ya

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Of course, whenever you’re ready. No limit on room to sign up. I’d say if you join by New Years you’ll be in our 12% crew.

Otherwise, definitely encouraged to start being healthier whenever but measurements for the 9% crew will be as of 1/15.

Hello Thicc Boiis - I’m new to the Refuge, but I heard DJ mention this thread on the podcast and I wanted to check it out. I know that message boards aren’t always the best place for sincerity, but all the members here should be proud of the way that you’ve lost weight and supported one another!

I’ve been overweight for most of my adult life, including during my time in the military. I’m now 36 years old and the health consequences are catching up with me. I just signed up for the Challenge 2.0, and I’m psyched to be a part of the community.


Welcome, glad to have you on board.

We are wrapping up the first go around on the challenge tomorrow. But really is just a great spot to read and vent and whatever. That won’t go away, challenge or no challenge. We can all use the support no matter what.


Any other thiccbois want in on this comp? I think this is a much better way to get healthy, personally, than just setting a goal of body fat % loss. I failed miserably on the last thiccbois competition, but think earning points by healthy activities is more motivating.

Shamelessly cross posting this to get some more eyes on it:

Bump - 1/15 Signup window is approaching. We’re at 9 of us so far. Seems many in this group may be hibernating for the winter? Sign up on the “Challenge 2.0” tab.

You rang??


Was there a whatsapp thread going?

slide into @Slasher or @anon26814599 DMs. They are the WhatsApp Admin. Probably any of us can send it to you but I don’t know how that shit works.