Heavyweights: Thicc Boys of the Refuge Unite!

Yeah you’d think after 12+ years I would know better, but alas, I still find my foot in my mouth with some frequency. It was not nearly as bad as me bitching at her about being late getting to my birthday dinner when her parents were at our house babysitting…another tough scene


Yeah, guarantee she has many more “slights” about things you missed/forgot and/or neglected in her quiver than you do.

Never go to war with a Sicilian.


Reminder for anyone looking to sign-up before the holidays - our original start date was listed for yesterday, Sunday the 15th.

Currently just two of us have entered. Anyone interested, got ahead and sign-up this week. If it stays with just two of us signed up maybe we’ll put off the challenge aspect to the new year (and I’ll concede that @anon26814599 as right about starting after the holidays).


I’m in. Where is the current sign up sheet?

Second tab for the new challenge.

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Going to the doc on Thursday, so I’ll update my starting weight then.

I just updated my starting weight based on weigh-in yesterday.

I’m in, might as well get started today.


Boom, lost 11lbs since the doctor visit last month. Gotta keep the workout/diet momentum going!


That’s awesome man.

Down 3 lbs since Thanksgiving.


Nice work guys. I am also starting off strong…The first few pounds are always the easiest, but feeling good about seeing early returns. Definitely feel like having this thing has helped me avoid the office holiday treats lying around, which can (and do) usually get out of hand for me…

What’s your guys’ game plan?


Pretty much cutting out as much sugar and carbs as possible. Wife and I have been cooking a lot of Pinterest Keto Recipes to see what tastes alright. Found some decent bread substitutes which makes making lunches for work a little simpler.

I’m trying to do at least 30min of cardio everyday. It’s not totally sustainable, but on weeks that I don’t achieve it, I’m still getting it 5x.

For me, it really comes down to trying on a plan that is super ambitious and if I get it 80-90% then I’ve made enough progress for that month to be happy with the results. Also being dedicated enough to the change that I don’t give up because I couldn’t sustain for every benchmark.

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You’re not kidding about the office treats, my office currently has 4 boxes of donuts out, it’s ridiculous.

Game plan is to at least row a 5K everyday as well as get in a 30-45 minute lift in as often as possible (5-6 days a week). Have a small home gym with a C2 rower, bench, and adjustable dumbbells, so that’s about enough to get a decent workout in. Might need to buy a pull-up bar soon though.

Nutrition goal is to stay at 2,000 calories or less during the week made up of about 40% protein, 30% carbs, 30% fat. Usually have a protein bar for breakfast, a bigger lunch consisting of whatever work is serving that day, and protein shake/cottage cheese for dinner. I’ll have a cheat meal once a weekend though, just so I don’t go crazy.

Tracking weight and TDEE in a Google doc that gives an updated date on how soon I’ll reach my goal, it’s very handy.

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My plan is similar. My wife followed something called F Factor pretty religiously for a few months last summer and lost a bunch of weight she didn’t need to. So I decided to give it a try along with actually going to the gym I’ve been paying the membership for. Since Dec 2, I am down almost 8 lbs.

Basically, F Factor it’s about limiting carbs but also being sure you get enough fiber. They say 35 net carbs and 38g fiber per day is the goal. Each g fiber cancels out 1g carb. so, really you’re talking 72g carbs max each day.

I’ve found in the 2.5 weeks since I’ve started it, having that target (and their app for tracking food) makes it not so hard. You log your food, so there’s no “I’ll just have half a bagel” or “just one slice” when you look at the app and see how many carbs there are. There’s a few “tricks” my wife picked up too - high fiber wraps for lunches, high fiber granola for breakfast, etc.

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We did it guise, we made it on The Nest podcast.



Signed up for challenge two. Why the hell not. I’m 5’11” and 236

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Are people still able to join a New Year challenge? Decided tonight it’s time… 6’2” and 230 lbs. Uncomfortable at this point and need to get it back below 2 bills.


I just signed up three hours ago

Hasn’t nearly gotten started yet. Will put up PayPal groups and the like later

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