Heavyweights: Thicc Boys of the Refuge Unite!

I’m so confused. Am I even allowed to lose weight?


Yes, lose weight now, but the contest (and initial weight-in) isn’t beginning until closer to the New Year.

If this makes you delay your weight loss… no comment.

I agree with @anon26814599’s point that this whole thing is more about the journey (losing the weight and generally being healthier) than a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I tried to get something going now because I know a lot of people need a little extra help keeping it together during the holiday season.

Maybe we can do a dual sign-up, pick 1:

  • 12/15 cut-off for round 1, 12.5% weight loss goal
  • 1/15 sign-up, 10% weight loss goal
  • Both groups are in the same pool, with deadline of 4/15

But, if this is still a terrible idea I’ll go sit in the corner and wait for someone more popular than me on Refuge to tell me what to do, like usual.

In all seriousness, we all want the same thing - healthier lifestyles and pictures of ourselves that are more than just head/shoulders that we’re not ashamed to show people.

And, good luck with finishing out this month to those who are still grinding.

This is way too reasonable of a compromise. Are you new to the internet? What other world problems can you solve?

What’s next for @brutalbaum… Peace in the Middle East? Damn!

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I don’t even have anything to complain about. HOW DARE HE?!?!

If you’re looking for rolling enrollment maybe just race to 10%. You pick your own starting date and see how long it takes you to get to 10%. Track it in the spreadsheet.

Money goes into a pot have a cutoff for how long you get and pay it out at a certain date?

Just spitballing, not sure if that would actually work or not.

Oh man…how’s this: My plan centers around picking two new habits to make weight loss easier: drugs and tobacco

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This was my go to when I didn’t have kids around and could keep it out of my wife’s notice. Nothing like a dip to suppress that appetite.

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Finally shook it for good (I hope) this summer after about 11 years of on-and-off use

Put my info up… weighed in at the doctor 3 weeks ago. Let me know when I need to do an official number and I’ll put that up.

I’m going to throw this out there… I’m going to have an epic cheat day when my weight loss hits the same number as my low score. Yes, I have that far to go.

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Can I suggest the 10th? For reasons. I may have drank it all back in whiskey/Tennants and Haggis by the 15th.

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I don’t have a problem with it but I defer to the collective wisdom of the group. For now the sheet is updated to reflect a closing date range of April 10-15.

Sort of feels like everyone is going to have something. on their calendar Last night I realized a huge tactical error on my part. I won the ticket lottery and will be going to Masters Tuesday on 4/7…so if I can’t build myself a cushion, I may be forced to limit it to just 2 each egg salad, pimento cheese and peach ice cream sandwiches

I also adjusted so that we are targeting 3% per month. Those starting now will target 12%, those starting next month will target 9%.

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Congrats on the lottery. I won in 2017 and it was awesome. You’ll walk enough for plenty of food and premium domestics.


Challenge accepted.


Is this now a thread about Bryson?

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Yesterday (while wearing a Bradley Allen 1/4 zip and pants) 2 different coworkers commented on how much weight I have lost (1 was significant) and that I look great.

I’m not used to hearing that so, needless to say, I was flattered.


Hadn’t seen my parents in a few months and they complimented me. It led to me making a snide comment to my wife about it being nice someone noticed and it turned into a whole thing. Tough scene.


Way to go!

Wow @HaveOuimet that’s a rookie mistake

Don’t rattle the hornets nest… especially when you’re going to Scotland