Golden Age Classic IV - Saturday JUNE 24, 2023

Sheraton FW (near Omni) undergoing major renovations at the moment. Be ware


Anything west of downtown Dallas feels too far. Just sayin’.

I’m staying next to Fossil Creek

Enjoy leaving the friendly confines of Big D

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Due to an unfortunate injury involving my thumb and a razor blade, I am going to have to WD from the event this year. It looks like there are some waitlisters still there so I’m hoping I’m not creating too much of a difficult situation with the late drop. @WhineyCracker52 or @RobRosson if you need anything from me on the Google Sheet or any of that, please let me know.

Hope it goes well!

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JK, hope you heal up


This is impossible. How is it GAC without one of us beating each other mercilessly?

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@nickp will let you know when I have a replacement so they Venmo you the $135

Get well soon

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Draft Link - Redirect Notice

AM Tee Times Saturday June 24, 2023 Meadowbrook Ft Worth, TX (1815 Jenson Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76112)

Morning Best Ball Tee Times

Afternoon Alt Shot Tee Times


A couple photos from last night’s festivities!

First, we have the PARTY of all parties at Norman’s Niblicks HQ! Rob knocked his team selections out of the park. Look at the production!

Meanwhile in LUPland, Connor went back to an old friend for help to save Monahan’s minions. He already presented him with a trophy to show his appreciation. Sad.

monahans minions


I love this. It’s giving:

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Update to the PM Match order

We discussed and decided for a Skins game for the morning Best Ball. $20 per person if you want in $10 for the pot and $10 for charity Venmo @Robert-Rosson-2 (last 4 0419)

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Even if you can’t play in our event, you can definitely get involved in GAC’s auction. We have some incredible items for this year’s event which are live for virtual bidding on our discord. If you haven’t joined, here is a link to do just that: Big Plex

A quick breakdown of the items and where they currently stand:

  1. A @Geaugolf custom Golden Age Classic driver headcover made with Pendleton Fabric. Estimated retail value of $90.
    Current Bid: $140

  2. A @Geaugolf custom driver headcover with our Big Plex logo made with exotic leather. Estimated retail value of $85.
    Current Bid: $110

  3. A custom leather @Geaugolf scorecard holder with the Big Plex Logo. Estimated retail value of $60. Current Bid: $90

  4. A $100 credit for club fitting at Dallas Golf. Retail value of $100.
    Current Bid: $100

  5. A limited edition Srixon major stand bag. Retail value: $300.
    Current bid: $140

  6. A 750ml of Eagle Rare Single Barrel Select. Retail Value: $90.
    Current bid: $140

If you have any questions or would like anyone to make a bid for you, give me a shoutout.


Updated Tee Times for Saturday

Morning Tee Times

Afternoon Tee Times

appreciate all of your patience we had 2 players drop out this morning so we had to make some adjustments to re-align the matches and strokes


Let’s do this @Cody. The finest small farm Iberico jamon (you) and the discount 18 pack of nearly expired eggs from the Super Walmart (me).


Quick update for tomorrow- Traffic closures if you are not on the discord

If you are coming from the South 287 is closed and if you are coming from the Northern Burbs down 121-820, 820 is closed

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God, the Cedar Crest superintendent, and TXDOT cannot hold us down.


The City of Dallas wanted us to cancel but we moved on.