Golden Age Classic IV - Saturday JUNE 24, 2023

Close but not quite. NLU and Random Golf Club are merging. EAL has made a large equity investment and is now chair of the NLURGC board. We’re just trying to adapt to new tournament requirements and find a course that will let 100 people play the first hole.


Which money is dirtier on the refuge: PIF or RGC?

You need to be clearer when you are speaking in parody.


The Refuge would go full Rory. “I still hate EAL, butttttt”

After Tuesday, I’m not sure anything can be considered parody. May need a parody font.

For transparency, Cedar Crest is re-sprigging 8 of the 18 greens and moving those to temporary greens and the City of Dallas is putting in place a new superintendent (probably long overdue) to oversee the project and continuing tree maintenance. Ira is working with us to reach out to other courses to host the event and pulling on his connections within the North TX PGA. I got the call about this yesterday.

Our first priority is to find another course that can host on the same date under the same format at a similar price point.

If that’s not obtainable, we will need to do one of 3 things, and not sure yet on our order of preference: (1) have it at another course under same format but a different date; (2) have it at another course on the same date but with a different format and therefore likely a different price point, or (3) have it at Cedar Crest with the temp greens at a very substantial discount.

If the date, format, or price point changes, we will be very transparent about WDs, pricing, and refunds. If we’re able to do same date and format at a different course, we’re going to assume the field stays the same and expect people to come.

We have the jets in the air and will update the group soon. Given the timing, we’d lean to an option that could be held on the same date if possible to avoid a massive reshuffle in the field.

No matter what happens, we will be transparent, but for the sake of getting shit done, it won’t be a democratic decision-making process.


fucking hate this for yall but glad to see you’ve taken some notes from how the last few day have gone down in pro golf. Wishing all the best


Maybe they can have him get trained by whoever is maintaining the City of Mesquite’s greens.


I hear the greens are perfect in King Abdullah Economic City this time of year.

Seriously, thank you to the executive committee for doing this extra heavy lifting at the last minute.


@BigPlex as we approach the golden age classic we would like those that have signed up for the field of the alternate list to enter on the link below

1- Big Plex Discord (link if you have not signed up: Big Plex)
2- your email address

This will allow us to communicate to you next week quicker and not update the world.


GAC IV Members,

Today is a momentous day for your organization and the game of golf as a whole. The Golden Age Classic – your Classic – is leading the formation of this event at a new course, one that sees the end of the disruption and distraction that has divided the men’s north Texas amateur game for the better part of three weeks.

Through a framework agreement, Meadowbrook Golf Course in Fort Worth has agreed to host the Golden Age Classic IV on short notice. Here are some of the details.

  • Still Happening on June 24th.

  • Morning tee times will begin at 8am, no longer a shotgun start

  • Afternoon tee times start at 2:09pm.

  • Food/lunch is still being worked out but we are almost certain there will be no additional costs than what you have already paid.

We appreciate your patience and really look forward to an awesome event this year. Our game, our players and our fans will no doubt benefit for years to come.

I will be on site at the GAC IV and would like to invite those in the field to a Player Meeting at 7:30am to help answer any questions you may have.

Connor Paden



What happened?


As Captain Connor so eloquently posted in order to keep the date, align to the historical nature of i our event, get 40 players around twice with a break, and play a course with 18 greens we have selected Meadowbrook as the replacement venue for June 24th. It’s also barely in Cowtown (just off 30 just west of Arlington).


You the next 3 in the field. Please let us know if you are in for next Saturday

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in & paid

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Hotel recs?

Anything in Arlington or Ft Worth is not going to be too far. Not sure if you have a hotel brand you prefer

Drover in Ft worth if you want to treat yo self

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Oh man you weren’t kidding about us still having a chance to play in this event. We didn’t believe you because at the time we were waay down the list so @LIVunderpar is coming down here to Splash of OJ land and we planned a few other rounds that week / weekend. Next year we will either signup sooner or take your waiting list more seriously!

Omni Fort Worth is basically right off of 30, same highway Meadowbrook is on, and has very good rates for an Omni. Drover is indeed nice, but I’m not sure you want to pay the same rates as a Beverly Hills hotel for GAC!