Golden Age Classic IV - Saturday JUNE 24, 2023

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Danny Devito just catching strays!

This is Throw Momma From the Train erasure and I wont stand for it

Ok folks now that we have survived the Texas cup and didn’t finish last we are ready to move into GAC 4 countdown. We are 46 days away and we need to start collecting the rest of the entry fees .

Deadline is 5/24 to submit payment ($135 per player) our alternate list had grown to 32

Please send to @Robert-Rosson-2 (0419 last 4 of phone)


18 players have submitted the 2nd payment. Deadline for the 2nd payment is this weekend before we move down the alternate list


@BigPlex see above. Pay your remainder for GACIV this week.


$135 on top of the deposit?

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and we are down 2 payments left;

@Burksy and @LivingLagunaLoca

@BigPlex looking for @Burksy and @Heathb, they have until today to pay the $160 for GAC IV or they will be replaced in the field (venmo @Robert-Rosson-2)

It is with great heartache and a belly full of rage that I will have to withdraw from the Golden Age Classic IV. I would like to wish the best of luck in upholding my tradition of whipping @mdavis ass in this event to whomever is called up from the waitlist. Also, I would like to issue a fatwah on whoever decided to move the scheduled pipeline maintenance in Eastern Ohio to that weekend and ruined my trip…

In all seriousness, I am bummed I cannot make it down this year and wish y’all the best with the GAC.
Looking forward to seeing some of y’all at Dornick for the R6.


This is a real bummer to hear, but I’m unfortunately right there with you. Been sidelined for a month and a half with some elbow pain that the wife finally made me go have checked out and found I have two pinched nerves in my right elbow/forearm. This was causing a lot of pain and even numbness in my right hand. Doc said to take a couple weeks off then we’ll start some treatment at a chiropractor. Hopefully that’ll fix it, just hoping to avoid surgery and be pain free at this point.

I freakin hate that I can’t attend this awesome event this year. It’s something that I look forward to and mark on my calendar each year. Hopefully y’all have a fantastic time, and I’ll be back next year!

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Chuckles Are we in danger?


This is fair and accurate…

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Our Lefty Bomber quota is way down

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Hey All,

@RobRosson, myself and your self appointed GAC IV Leadership committee are aware of all the…renovations going on at Cedar Crest. We have been in touch with them multiple times over the past few weeks about our event on June 24th. The DAC email today mentioned some more aggressive maintenance projects at Cedar Crest which, yes, will impact our event. We are exploring options and are working with Cedar Crest and a few other courses. Will have updated info ASAP!



cc @BigPlex see Connor’s note above if you’re signed up or on the waitlist. Make sure you set this thread to “Watching” for updates.

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How many in the field?

40 is the field size (@clktex)

We can’t not be thinking that there’s a tie in to the CC issues and the PIF/PGA movement, right?