Golden Age Classic IV - Saturday JUNE 24, 2023

are bonito fish big

Danny Devito just catching strays!

This is Throw Momma From the Train erasure and I wont stand for it

Ok folks now that we have survived the Texas cup and didn’t finish last we are ready to move into GAC 4 countdown. We are 46 days away and we need to start collecting the rest of the entry fees .

Deadline is 5/24 to submit payment ($135 per player) our alternate list had grown to 32

Please send to @Robert-Rosson-2 (0419 last 4 of phone)


18 players have submitted the 2nd payment. Deadline for the 2nd payment is this weekend before we move down the alternate list


@BigPlex see above. Pay your remainder for GACIV this week.


$135 on top of the deposit?

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and we are down 2 payments left;

@Burksy and @LivingLagunaLoca

@BigPlex looking for @Burksy and @Heathb, they have until today to pay the $160 for GAC IV or they will be replaced in the field (venmo @Robert-Rosson-2)