Fellow NLU golfers in Wichita, KS area?


yep flipped when they renovated . new white sand bunkers and cart path curbs /routing really excellent


Recently played at Winterstone up in Independence, MO. With the exception of the 70 yard Par 3, 12th I really loved the course. Just seemed like they kinda ran out of room while building it and had to fit in another Par 3. Well taken care of and lots of elevation change throughout.


Apparently in that area there used to be a lot of mining. We were paired with some local guys that had said if you were out on the course around 4:30 you could hear/feel the blasts going off. Made me think of Caddyshack and if you had a ball hanging on the lip if the blast would knock it in. :smile:


Hey @PushCartGodfather, let’s keep the Wichita thread to the Wichita area… :sunglasses:

That course looks fun though.


Not from Wichita but glad to see all of the people from KC in the thread. We should look into doing a KC event sometime.

I’m in Lee’s Summit and play Drumm Farm, Winterstone, and Stone Canyon most of the time. Stone Canyon may be one of my favorites in the metro area. Haven’t played them all yet, but it’s the leader in the clubhouse.


Retweet on a KC event and Stone Canyon. I’m building a little Par 3er in KCK area and someone suggested getting together there (mildly joking, im sure). Armchair Architect Needed: Help design backyard wedge range