FCF Presents The Classic Club Challenge, June 4th 2023 at The Mines Golf Course

Got a preview of those clubs at Rackham, definitely looking good!


That birdie on 7 seems to indicate the putter works! TBD on the rest of them

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I saw you roll what, two putts with that thing, and they both went in from distance.
I’m scared of what it’ll do in a few weeks


I can assure you I’ll practice with it exactly 0 times


I mean, having seen what 0 practice (I assume) did leading up to Max, thats proably the right call.

I should probably at least roll one or two with mine before I show up. I won’t, but I probably should


Can not wait to break out the birth year set.


Welp, that lasted all of two days. I was trying to make everything this year. Thought this was a no brainer. I have to punt on this one. My apologies @Manhattan

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7 spots left people! @SecondCityGC :eyes::eyes:

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3 spots left, we had to drop a tee time since we were a little tight on peeps. We’d love to fill 'em out though, get your name on the spreadsheet if you can make it!

We have tee times on the books - 7:57, 8:06, 8:15, 8:24, 8:33

Pairings TBD, but if anyone wants to lock in an early or late (less early?) tee time let me know!

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@MatthewGVPA @Godmar @OakAM @MoTownJag

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Bummer, you know we love having your energy out there. We’ll make sure to have a cold bevvie on your tab :joy:


Ahhh I see what you’re asking. Apologies. I would prefer not the earliest time. Mid to late is fine. Heading over on Saturday morning with the fam and staying downtown


I’m really good with whatever time/group!

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Don’t care early or late. Set the pace or heckle throughout the round is a tough choice

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I’m good with any of the times available.

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High school set. Getting the irons that match the bag re-gripped so those could be the ones for Sunday


Tried out the retro set this morning, and we’ll just say that I’m very much just looking forward to enjoying everyone’s company Sunday morning


Whats in the bag:

1w - MacGregor Persimmon, believe its a M09T (appx 1980)
2-9i - Diawa GK Monodyne TourBlades, dynamic gold x100 shafts (appx 1982)
S - Diawa DG8201 Advisor, dynamic gold t300 shaft (appx 1983)
P - Hagen Getaway hickory putter (appx 1955)

I played this morning from the 2ups, shot 84. I might hit these irons better than my daily gamers, and the ‘thwock’ of the persimmon driver garnered more than a few people to stop and ask what was going on.

There used to be a 5w, she died a hero on a 215 yard approach shot this morning. Her remains are scattered throughout the fairway of 2, and all clubs should hope to end in such glory.


I’d prefer the latest tee time if possible. I’m coming from the east side morning of

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Tee sheets are full and pairings are up! Each group has at least one west sider to (hopefully) provide some guidance on any blind shots or specific hazards.

We are trending for some perfect weather:

I’ll be there early to catch you guys as you roll in. The range isn’t exactly adjacent to the facility, so if you want to warm up plan on giving yourself some extra time!

I have the google sheet all setup to math out our winner at the end. Please make sure each group keeps at least one scorecard and get that back to me at the end so I can tally everything up. Not only do we have internet bragging points and roost team points up for grabs, but there is also a trophy on the line here! That’s some legitimate goldboy hardware guis. We’re #srsbznss now.

Look forward to seeing everyone!