Christmas Clash II: Lost in Charleston. FF v. PGS - Dec. 9 - Stono Ferry Golf Course

Don’t know if anyone knows, but @PalmettoGolfSociety is undefeated in matches against @FirstFlight.

Since we had such a great time at last year’s Christmas Clash we decided to run it back. We have 40 spots open with 15 set aside for First Flight and 25 for PGS. We’ll figure out the match/teams after @westerj12 whines about it and after we see who all is coming.

This year’s event will be December 9 at Stono Ferry, just south of Charleston, followed up by an oyster roast to celebrate PGS’s 2nd straight Christmas Clash title.

Price is going to be $140 a person which will include 18 (and cart) at Stono, oysters, beers, some Brunswick stew, and probably some cornbread. If some want to bring their significant others for the oyster roast, their price will be $40 which will be for everything but golf.

Also, after having organized the Sweetens Siege and this event last year, ya’ll are some flakes. We’re going to require a $25 deposit for your spot. My Venmo is @jwc9p, last 4 are 9455. I am not sorry.

Who: Palmetto Golf Society vs. First Flight
When: December 9, 2023
Where: Stono Ferry Golf Club, Hollywood, SC
Why: Yes

Two tabs, so make sure you sign up on your side:


Oh man - seriously sorry to miss this tourney. I’m playing in the Charleston City Parent-Child at the Muni that same day.

Looking forward to getting my first SC tourney under my belt soon!

Thanks again for the organizing effort.


that sounds like an AWESOME reason to miss this event.

Far and sure!

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For sure… still bummed to miss this group.

does one have to live in the area to play in this?

Not at all. Just be a member of First Flight or PGS (you are). Hell, I live in Columbia and I’m throwing it.

(Unless you were talking about the parent tournament at the muni which you might have been)

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And in case you were asking about the Parent/Child tourney, I believe the answer is also no. The application requires address, but I assume that’s only in the context of billing. You do have to sign up on the City’s website, but again I don’t think that requires residency.

City Championship Series Link: 2023 City Championship Series | Charleston, SC - Official Website

Yeah I was on the parent kid thing. We have one here in Greenville in November but would love to do more with her

Signing up now, is the Sunday round also at stono or the muni?

Sunday is generally a where you wanna? We had a few groups out at the muni last year on Sunday

@jb37car are you going to this and want to carpool?

Alright Hooligans we’re a month out and only 25 have signed up thus far.

@rmb10 @Akarito @CTFigueroa @smith Ya’ll need to pull some weight and get the lowcountry involved. By my count there are like 2 people from the Charleston area signed up.

@westerj12 and @AirMailWedges and the rest of @FirstFlight are just scared.

I’m giving First Flight and @PalmettoGolfSociety a week before we let the rest of the community sign up.


@bwolve You’re running it back. We’ll figure out what side of history you’ll be on in the coming weeks.

@jan42dk You’ll have more fun with us than @4PuttLegend and @GeneralQuinn so just come back to Charleston.

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@tylernichols91 Switzerland is no longer a real country. Come to Charleston this year.

@oldpatricksmith is still scared.

@turtle812 Do you see this outfit he’s wearing? Can only go down from there


Are you trying to get me to pledge allegiance?

Unfortunately I will be out of town but you’ll be happy to know it’s at the Farmington Christmas event

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@FireMarkFox Isn’t your child not coming til January or February? I’ll even see if TJ wants to come if you want to come…

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Why is everyone scheduling cool events the only weekend I can’t get away :open_mouth: now I’ll be in the great mental state of FOMO

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I’ve sent a request to the Muni to secure the same tee times as last year for Sunday the 10th. I’ve added a tab to the google sheets so sign on up!


Also, if anyone has Photoshop and wants to be cool and help me put together a logo I already have planned out, slide up in my DMs.

I will repay you with a sticker and beers that you are going to pay for anyway.

Alright alright. Let me talk to the wife. She’s been very generous with the amount of time I’ve been away golfing lately though.

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