Carolinas Christmas Clash - PCC vs. FF - December 10 - Stono Ferry Golf Course

Since we’re heard about the roosts from NC talking trash, the @PalmettoCannonCrew has issued the first gauntlet of a match against the @FirstFlight Roost on December 10 at Stono Ferry just South of Charleston.

I believe the two roosts have their own sign up sheets, but we are a bit short right now of the 20 for each side. If there are any mercenaries from the Refuge that want to participate, let us know and you could be drafted.

Price is going to be $125. No money due now, but funds will come due in the next few weeks since we’re coming up on a month.

That will include not only golf, but an oyster roast afterwards for everyone involved. Planning on some oysters, cornbread, Brunswick stew, some local brews, and some mich ultras for people who don’t like flavor.

We’re not going to be able to provide a la carte pricing so it’s $125 no matter what. Sorry, I just don’t want to try and track money and what people are doing. Since it’s close to Charleston I know some will want to bring their spouses, we’re going to have a $40 charge for the oyster roast. Just let me know if you have someone that wants to come so I can add it to the people coming.

If you want to come down early or stay until Sunday, golf at the Muni is being discussed.

Who: Palmetto Cannon Crew vs. First Flight
When: December 10, 2022
Where: Stono Ferry Golf Club, Hollywood, SC
Why: Not?


Oh man I totally would but I have family and friends coming into town that weekend and probably would be divorced after if I went.

Show NC who the more dominant Carolina is.

@FirstFlight Assemble and go take down these boys from the south!


Sign up for the First Flight team

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If anyone is adequate at MS Paint and wants to throw a logo together so @westerj12 can get his sticker fix, feel free.


Need logo’d oyster knives.


Don’t tempt me

Looks like some are to be had online for ~$15 if we can get an order of 12 :eyes:


This is the kind of energy I like to see. Take notes @EZmiss

Unnecessary merch items?

You are speaking his language now.

Just need a logo…

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I’m in


I will be in Charleston this weekend… if you need a hired gun to take down @EZmiss, just let me know…


Sure you can distract yourself from such an intriguing OOC matchup? Cal probably has this as a home and home but Yale’s home game is actually in Lexington too

Would you like to represent First Flight? We’ll make you an honorary member for the weekend.

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Found some from Bay Imprint for $8 each. Just need to order at least 6…

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Not sure you can fit that hideous FF logo on an oyster knife.

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I’m going to get you one with just the First Flight logo on it. Everyone else gets one with whatever logo we come up with for the CCC

This could probably fit on one


Weird, I don’t remember a plane taking off in Ohio for the first time

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