Charity Raffle for Texas Cup 2022 - Thursday, May 12th, 8pm central

Howdy guis!

On May 13th-15th, three Texas cities will be duking it out on the fabulous East Texas track that is Pine Dunes in Frankston, TX. The weekend is not only about the golf, though. As with any Refuge event, the charity aspect is critical. This year, each team will be dedicating 1/3rd of any raised funds to a city-specific charity of their choosing.

  • EDIT - The captains have decided to combine our donations into one to maximize the value of the donation. The 2022 NLU Texas Cup will benefit the Austin Firefighters Relief and Outreach Fund (

There’s definitely a personal connection here. My wife is a firefighter here in Austin, and together we’ve been heavily involved in fundraising for both AFROF and other firefighter-related organizations. We’re blessed in that she’s never gotten seriously hurt, but we’ve unfortunately had brothers and sisters come down with serious diseases and injuries from their time on the force, and AFROF has been absolutely indispensable in getting some financial relief to those families. While insurance may cover the medical bits, the kids still need to eat, and house payment still needs to be made, and the lights still have to stay on. I can also personally vouch for the leadership at AFROF - the money donated goes straight into either operating the charity, or directly into the hands of the families they’re helping. Thank you all for your donations this year.


  • Everyone can play in the raffle! If you buy a ticket, you could win, you just have to be on the thead next thursday to claim your prize should your number be drawn! You do not have to be playing in the event to be in the raffle!
  • We will be holding a charity raffle on THURSDAY MAY 12th at 8 PM Central right here on the Refuge in this thread.
  • Raffle tickets will be $5 each. You can buy an unlimited amount of tickets (see below for process).
  • Tickets will be drawn through an online randomizer and results posted in the thread.
  • Winner picks their item. Once it’s selected, the item is gone. If you are not present, you get moved to end of line or can show up and pick.
  • Since you get your pick, you can only win once. Shares the wealth and keeps everyone invested. (edit - organizers reserve the right to let people win multiple times if we have more items than we do people purchasing tickets)


  • We are still accepting items for the raffle. If you have some golf (or non golf) adjacent items to donate, please DM me!


Tracking sheet - 2022 Raffle - NLU Texas Cup - Google Sheets

  • Open the spreadsheet and mark down the number of tickets you want.
  • Send me the money on Venmo - my handle is at the top of the tickets tab
  • I will confirm receipt of the money, and update the sheet accordingly.
  • Tickets can be purchased up until 7:30 pm central time on Thursday the 12th.

The following post will detail the items you can win! Please donate and share the wealth across the Refuge!


Item list as it reads now …

ID Item
1 Tobacco Road print (18x24)
2 Titleist “Custom Grind” 2i
3 Titleist TS2 driver (good cond, 9.5deg, AV Blue S shaft, 45")
4 Set of BB&F “Rick Sanchez” ferrules
5 Set of BB&F “K’amonyawannaleime v1.1” ferrules
6 Scotty Headcover - Cinco De Mayo
7 Scotty Headcover- Southern Hills
8 1 dozen ProV1 Texas Cup logo balls
9 Guest Access to TPC San Antonio with Caleb Groom
10 Stroh’s Trucker Hat

Dont have access to edit the spreadsheet, refuge tradition


All is right with the world.

Try now? Click the link in the above post, I edited it.

Works now.


Not even in Texas but bought a couple! Cheers!

holy crap you guys … we’ve had some AMAZING donations this morning. I’ll get an updated. list posted, but you want to be in on this one.


Put me down for a dozen TaylorMade golf balls, TP5, TP5x. Winners choice.


In for a couple.

@Jdonelson can someone talk to Jodi and see if we can include a raffle item for her to hit all lag putts for your fourball pair?


get out.


My favorite part of this whole thing is that @desperateunder105 clearly “dragged” his handle value down the spreadsheet, and is now on record as desperateunder105-109 LOL.

Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 10.44.55 AM


Wow. However, my username is still theoretically applicable to all except 106.

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3 tickets. What the hell. I miss the Ruck Daces (RIP).

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I expect to find this on the spreadsheet under the title “The Mega Layup.”

@Jdonelson Add me as donating a blue with white strap Jones Carry to the item list


ssssssick! (can you send me a picture? DM here is fine)

I’ll get you a pic next time I get up to my club. It’s currently sitting in my locker not getting used like every good impulse buy


Closing in on $500 in raffle tickets sold - you guys are all awesome! Tell your friends, keep 'em coming!

Item list update coming tonight, I promise.

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