Armchair Architect Needed: Help design backyard wedge range


Contrary to the popular belief, it’s never too soon to say I love you. Love you, Chris Bacon. You have an amazing name btw


All the way in on these designs. Just take my money already.
And agreed that the barn logo would be ideal for a shirt.


Agreed. Would buy these in a heartbeat.


Cool piece from @thefriedegg on BCN. Can’t wait to see this whole thing come to fruition!


are these actually one in the same?


They are not, @thefriedegg has the ‘blue checkmark’ here.
And no offense intended, but not a lot of architecture deep dives from @DeepFriedEgg.


Whoops, didn’t realize I tagged the wrong egg. Made the edit.


Nice little article though, thanks for posting. Always exciting to see @sundaybag (and all of us members at BCN) getting more publicity.


Screw Andy!! We knew about it first and were already in deep!!!

Joking. mostly.

congrats and well deserved press for the gang at BCN.


The Refuge actually woke Andy.


This is all you guys. Like it says in the article, y’all are the energy behind all of it.


I’m not celebrating until you get into Golf Digest…

"You Won’t Believe What These Guy’s Made In Their Backyard!"



Challenge accepted. (Though I’ve had nightmares about Golf Digest prompting the downfall to our little course…I can see the city inspector knocking on the door asking for permits now).




Golf Digest Coverage:

Tour Slideshow - WAGS of BCN


Take this quiz to see what you’d shoot on this guy’s backyard golf course

Sports Illustrated:

Here’s Page “golf slurp” Spiranac wielding a chainsaw AND a wedge in her underwear

Golf Magazine:

We’re just going to rip off the golfer’s journal and recycle their coverage of BCN

Darren Rovell:

No state income tax on backyard golf courses…


Hahah this is awesome.


Is there a Chick Fil A down the road from BCN that Rovell can tweet about being closed on Sundays and how much money they are losing by not being open during the final round of the BCN Masters?


Yes, yes there is. Bitched plenty of times about it.


alternate Buzzfeed title: 17 Times BCN was EVERYTHING