Armchair Architect Needed: Help design backyard wedge range


hold on a fucking second…@sundaybag, have you set up member tournament yet?


No sir! Just the prospect of it. Gotta see how the fund raising goes and prepare accordingly. Will try and give a few month lead time for the event.

Want to do at least two this year. One that is a little more intimate. Depending on demand, maybe cut it off at 40 or 50 people. Planned events. Cater in some Okalahoma Joes BBQ. Night golf. Live music. Throw a few kegs in the middle of the course. National membership only. That kind of thing.

Then another that is just come on out and lets play type event.


Im already thinking of how to explain why I need to go to Kansas City for the weekend to the old lady.


“I’ve never been to Kansas City” usually works for me and all the places I end up going to. Admittedly I have a very understanding wife.


We aren’t just a flyover city like a lot of people say. Tons of things to do and see here for everyone in the family. Plus, the Chiefs are in the AFC Championship game Sunday so the city is buzzing.


World War I Museum is underrated.


BBQ is stupid


Easy now, those are fighting words.



(come on, you know what I mean)



This board needs a Zac Blair font.




here, let’s try it this way

In Kansas City, the BBQ is fucking STUPID!!! How one of the best places can be in a gas station is just sick.




The BBQ is Stoopid good. I’ve got you @GRWhitehead. These other guys mid-westerners don’t know about that Minnesota nice (lived outside Minneapolis for some time).


Listen, no offense to anyone, but Jack Stack is better than Oklahoma Joe’s.



Do you know about Q39? It is causing a fuss in our city.

I’ve also come to the consensus that all the top BBQ joints in the area are damn near equal. Yeah, maybe Gates has the best ribs, Jack Stacks has the pork on lock, KC Joes has the Brisket sandwiches, Q39 has the burnt ends (and really everything else) but damn the barrier to entry is so freaking high.


Then you are familiar with Famous Daves?
(I’m sure Kansas has some BBQ that blows that out of the water, but I used to destroy their brisket)


The only reason Q39 is causing a fuss is that it’s new and the people who latch onto the Jack Stack’s and Gates can’t wrap their head around a new disruptor in town. My favorite are always going to be Joe’s and Jack Stack, but that is because it’s what I ate first. I think Q39 is amazing and will always eat there if I got a chance. Just can’t stray away from what I was brought up eating.


I actually know Dave. His original Famous Daves (called Diamond Daves, but they couldn’t get the trademark nationally, so they changed it) was on our lake in Hayward WI (it burned down a few years back, and he said screw it) was the BEST FD you could find anywhere. He owned that one himself.

His new concept, Old Southern BBQ, is actually just as good BBQ, less time, easier to get.